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How is Zoho CRM better than Salesforce for SMB?

How is Zoho CRM better than Salesforce for SMB?

Zoho as your best CRM Choice
If you are a small or medium business searching for a cost-effective but powerful solution for CRM with an accounting integration feature, some automation, data security, and Google App integration, then you should consider implementing Zoho CRM. As

How to create a Zoho Email Campaign

Learn How to Create a Zoho Email Campaign

Mass email strategies w/ Zoho Campaigns
Sending out a mass Zoho email campaign with Zoho Campaigns looks like this in a 1-2-3 step process:

Prepare the campaign
Send the campaign
Evaluate the results

Experience shows that a little bit of planning ahead can greatly improve

Zoho CRM vs. ACT!

zoho vs sage act logo


Clash of the Titans: Zoho CRM vs ACT!
Zoho CRM vs ACT: Do you need a full CRM or a simpler Contact Manager?

One of the first issues that small businesses run into when they start to grow is the problem of dealing with the increased data flow.  This is especially apparent

Zoho CRM Integrations

Zoho CRM Integrations: the way to run your business to its fullest potential

Zoho CRM
If you are researching Zoho CRM integrations, you most likely noticed that there are a lot of options for integrating your CRM with your accounting or ERP system. As you evaluate those options, here are some points