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Hiring Zoho CRM Certified Consultants Helps Big Time

Thinking About Hiring Zoho CRM Certified Consultants?  You Should Be

zoho crm certified consultants

This will undoubtedly ring true for you.  Using Zoho CRM is a great way to keep in touch with all your contacts, leads, and other business partners – and, it can certainly help you achieve a variety of business-related goals when it’s put to use correctly.  You know this, and…you’ve decided to save a bit of cash by implementing the new system yourself.

But, before we get too ahead of ourselves, just imagine this:

You’ve just acquired the licenses for a new Zoho CRM system, and, in an effort to really cut costs significantly, you’ve decided to take that plunge and implement Zoho yourself.  Your staff will train themselves, you figure.  Everyone’s used contact management software before, and, someone told you this one was pretty easy and very customizable.  Perfect.

It’s taken you three straight weeks of after-hours tweaking, but, you think you’ve finally imported all your old data and set up all your users, tweaked permissions, set up workflow automation and blueprint… You don’t even have time to relish in your success before the go-live date.  You pop into work, only to realize…

Something is quite wrong.

zoho crm certified consultants

Of course you migrated all your old data over, but…for some reason, nobody can see it.  Your salespeople are fielding calls from past customers and they have no idea what to say to them.

Not all of your staff can even log in or manage the material they’re used to.  What gives?

To further exacerbate things, you’re running a special promo today, and phones are buzzing right off your employees’ desks.  They don’t have time to waste trying to fix a new CRM.  And, for certain, asking Zoho CRM certified consultants to help you with your implementation probably didn’t cross your mind for too long.  But, now, you’d love some help…

It’s 2019.  Do you really need Zoho CRM certified consultants to do your work for you?

zoho crm certified consultants

In a word: yes.

Although this is the age of YouTube tutorials and IKEA, trying to learn as much about something as you could from a field-certified professional, especially when you have a business to run, would take far too long to be that effective.  Going it alone may seem like a great way to save capital – and, it would be, if you had a perfect memory, and all the information you needed even existed online.

Unfortunately, at least one (and probably both) of those aren’t so.

Because Zoho CRM is quite customizable, not all of its features, especially the ones you may need to use, are apparent at first glance.  Or second, or third.  You may have a great idea of how you want your staff to use your new system, but, because there are simply so many ways to get the Zoho CRM to do the things you need it to do, you may be fooled into thinking the way you discovered is the best way.

And, to make matters worse, there’s a negative effect of putting too much time into something you haven’t been fully briefed on, like Zoho CRM.

Your business suffers.

What happens when Zoho CRM certified consultants deploy your system?

zoho crm certified consultants

Well, you save yourself a big headache, for one.

And, you get to rest assured of a few other very important things:

  • Your information’s all accessible in the right places to the right people.

Zoho CRM has settings to configure who sees what pieces of information in your system, especially valuable for shared projects and for keeping outside salespeople from cannibalizing each other.  Don’t leave something this important to chance: Zoho CRM certified consultants are there to make sure everyone sees what they’re supposed to, and no one steps on anyone else’s toes.

  • Your users can get in and out scot-free.

Login issues are always a hassle, but, when they relate to your business, they can slow your entire train to a grinding, embarrassing halt.  Configuring logins seems easy enough, sure – but, how many times have you had to reset a password you knew was correct, or didn’t have emails routed to the right place?  Let a team of Zoho CRM certified consultants help you manage your users and make sure everyone has appropriate CRM access.

  • You retain the knowledge you’re given for future endeavors.

Take a man fishing and he’ll fish for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll fish for a lifetime.  Our team of Zoho CRM certified consultants wouldn’t dream of simply taking you fishing.  They’ll show you exactly what they’re doing behind the scenes so, given enough time, even you might become a certified Zoho master yourself!  Fishing never seemed so productive, suddenly…

  • You gain knowledge of the CRM – and other Zoho apps.

One of the best things about Zoho is that there’s so much to it.  Actually, it’s both a blessing and a curse, because it can prove quite confusing if you go into customizing it without knowing the architecture of all the apps.  Fortunately, that’s exactly what we do, and it’s what we can help you with.  By working with ZBrains, we’ll introduce you not only to the CRM, but to many other apps in the Zoho family.  You may even be able to choose between suites like Zoho One or Zoho CRM Plus.   You’ll see how everything connects in order to work for you.

Take me to the river…

zoho crm certified consultants

These guys knew.  Do you?


Now’s as good a time as any to head to the water and really learn about what your Zoho CRM can do.  With the help of Zoho CRM certified consultants, at the very least your business will be running smoothly, the way it should.

Leave the implementation to the professionals, and we’ll leave your business to you – and, together, we’ll make a pretty fine team.

Contact us using the button on the upper right-hand side of the screen to schedule an appointment with one of our Zoho CRM certified consultants.  You’ll never go hungry again!