Zoho HelloSign Integration

zoho hellosign integration

How to speed up that sales cycle for certain?

Eliminate the need to physically sign documents with HelloSign and integrate it with Zoho CRM or our quoting (CPQ) tool

Why use a Zoho HelloSign integration?  It’s been said many a time, but it bears repeating that for your business, time is everything.  Communicating with a prospect while you’re on their mind is crucial to effectively assessing their needs and, once you’ve qualified them, leading them down your sales funnel into your Accounts category.

But, one major stumbling block some businesses face lies in obtaining signed, legally binding paper documents like contracts, master services agreements, estimates for services, and the like.  They’re necessary for you to have, but they can take forever to gather together, send off, and receive again.  Taking too much time on certain steps of your cycle can make your prospects feel they’re being ignored; they have no idea your quoting process is so complex.

How can you simplify the process of getting those documents signed, then?  You can do it with the Zoho HelloSign integration built specifically for use with Zoho CRM or our Zoho Quote (CPQ) Calculator.

zoho hellosign integration

Use the Zoho HelloSign integration to add signatures to:

  • Master Services Agreements (MSAs)
  • Quotes/Estimates
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Loan documents
  • Leasing documents
  • Engagement (hiring, etc.) documents

Grab signatures instantly and store documents in Zoho CRM

Sure, you know how it easy it is to use HelloSign: Just log in, add signature and text boxes to your documents of choice, then send them off.  When you attach HelloSign functionality to Zoho CRM or the Zoho Quote Calculator, you add even more speed to your procedures.

What your process might look like now:

  1. Open a special inventory management program and find the items you’ll use for your quote
  2. Open another program used for invoicing and copy+paste details from the inventory program into your invoice
  3. Use another program or reference guide to paste images of products onto the invoice, either for personal or clients’ reference
  4. Add all the costs up manually
  5. Print all your documents and mail the finished quote to your client to be signed physically

That’s quite a haul just for creating a quote…

What if your process looked like this instead?

  1. Create a quote from inside Zoho CRM using our Quote Calculator, which includes any relevant line items and reference photos – and allows for bundling/configurating
  2. Add electronic signature boxes to your finished quote and email it to your client

Imagine how much time you’d save every day.  You might save 20 minutes or even an hour on just one quote – and, if you create ten quotes a day?  You’ll find yourself with a lot of extra time to make more money for your company.



zoho hellosign integration

Why choose ZBrains?

With over a decade of CRM experience and an assortment of custom, proprietary apps and integrations for Zoho, we know what it means to make Zoho work for you.  We know that Zoho is an awesome, very pliable and changeable platform, but that in spite of that quality, it doesn’t always provide everything you need, especially for companies in the B2B sector: manufacturers, distributors, field services companies, technology or SaaS companies, and professional services firms.

Here are some custom Zoho CRM add-ons we provide that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Configure-Price-Quote tool, the companion piece for this HelloSign integration
  • Commission Calculator
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Document Assembly
  • Smart Scheduler

And, custom integrations for other business programs with Zoho:

Whenever you choose to use one of our Zoho add-ons, we offer Zoho CRM consulting, support, and training so you can be sure you’re getting those most out of your programs every time.

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