Zoho MailChimp Integration

Zoho MailChimp Integration

zoho mailchimp integration

Ditch the manual labor – go from CRM to automated marketing tool to customer.

If you’ve ever tried manually migrating contacts, email templates, and campaign details from one client to another, you’re well aware of the kind of hassle involved with that little endeavor.  Why bother?  Use a Zoho MailChimp integration and get working right away!

What’s so hot about MailChimp?

If you’re late to the party, allow us to bring you up to speed.  MailChimp is a cloud-based mailing and marketing automation tool (similar to Zoho Campaigns); it serves as a hub for all marketing campaign-related materials like email templates, autoresponders for drip marketing campaigns, and a healthy dose of analytics to help you measure the success of your efforts.  For any business looking to grow its customer base, a marketing automation tool such as MailChimp is a must-have.

zoho mailchimmp integration

MailChimp is great as is…but, Zoho makes it even better

As a MailChimp customer, you were probably driven to the platform for its clean UI, its assortment of mail template and marketing automation features, and, of course, its home in the cloud.  For Zoho users, there’s just a bit of a problem with that arrangement:  MailChimp doesn’t just come with Zoho out of the box.

But, with our services, we can make sure your Zoho CRM and MailChimp are integrated, so you can migrate contacts and sync lists right into Zoho.

Having synchronized contacts means no extra work

Our Zoho MailChimp integration syncs the contacts you need for a successful marketing campaign right to Zoho CRM, as if the programs were made for each other.  (They really were, though.)  Need special mailing lists?  No problem; you can segment your list of contacts into special divisions based on information from your Leads module, Contacts module, or other modules of your choice.

With your contacts and leads synced automatically from your CRM to MailChimp, you’ll have arguably the hardest part of your marketing effort out of the way so you can focus on creating stellar content and impressing your audience.

zoho mailchimp integration

Why use ZBrains?

You’ve got arguably loads of options when it comes to selecting a Zoho consultancy firm to help you connect MailChimp to Zoho – and, help with all your other Zoho needs.  Why choose us?

As a Zoho Premium Partner (formerly called Alliance Partner), we believe we’re the best option for you not only because of our experience, but because of our engineering and our integrations.  Our Zoho solutions include not only consulting, training, and support, but a host of Zoho integrations as well, including QuickBooks, Sage 100, and Google Drive.  We even build custom integrations, so, no matter how lofty your business goals, we can supply you with the tools you need to achieve them.

Apart from that, we have solutions for you no matter what kind of business you run.  From manufacturing and distribution to CRE – and even professional services and technology businesses – we have solutions that work for you, customized to your exact business.  There’s nothing boilerplate about your business, and so our services are equally tailored to you.

Get started today!

For more information on integrating Zoho CRM with MailChimp, call (888) 207-4111.  For other Zoho support or training questions, or even just for Zoho CRM consulting, contact us as well.  We’re happy to help with this integration, and with anything else related to Zoho, every step of the way.