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Introducing Gamescope for Zoho Projects

These days especially, we live in a society of instant gratification.  The examples of this sort of culture are everywhere: paying for goods on credit because it’s faster and easier than cash, watching hours of videos instead of thumbing through bulky books, racing to the hobby shop to get the

No Intuit Sync Manager? No Problem

With Intuit discontinuing the Intuit Sync Manager, are you prepared to find another way to connect QuickBooks to the cloud?

Disclaimer: ZBrains customers who use our Zoho QuickBooks integration are NOT affected by this, as our product utilizes the QuickBooks Web Connector (QWC), not the Intuit Sync Manager.

Now that that’s out

G2Crowd Says Zoho CRM is Heating Up in 2016

G2Crowd: Zoho CRM is Heating Up Winter 2016
Howdy, folks!  I have a feeling it’s going to be a big year for Zoho CRM in 2016.  Here’s what’s going on:

G2Crowd has just released their Winter 2016 CRM Grid Report.  G2Crowd, for those not in the know, is an organization that compares

Get Better Leads with Lead Scoring for Zoho CRM

Howdy, all.

Today’s post is brought to you courtesy of James Converse, Chief Solutions Architect here at ZBrains.  James has worked with Zoho for years, and has done CRM implementation even longer, so he’s a real powerhouse of knowledge; I’m happy he was able to contribute to the blog.

No one knows

Zoho Sales Gamification

Zoho Sales Gamification is here!

Welcome Zoho Motivator!
Zoho Motivator might be my favorite new Zoho app as of late.  Most Zoho products fulfill a business need or make a process easier, but, only Zoho Motivator can take something like sales and turn it into a game through bona fide Zoho sales

Zoho Inventory Management

Zoho Inventory Management
Have you ever wished there were a way to use Zoho to keep track of all your inventory, so you could not only keep tabs on all your stock, but see how it was being used, and by whom, and use one unifying window to place orders from

Insightly vs Zoho CRM

Insightly vs Zoho CRM

Will insight trump customization in this battle?
The cloud-based Insightly has a variety of easy-to-use sales features designed to make office life a bit easier than you might be used to when it comes to fussing with a CRM system.  And, when comparing it to Zoho, it seems