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WooCommerce Zoho Integration

Get the peace of mind you need with a proper WooCommerce Zoho integration

woocommerce zoho integration

For almost anyone running their business online, double-entry is either a necessary evil – or it was once.  This happens because when your orders occur in your ordering software (WooCommerce), you then have to reconcile them against accounts in your customer management software (Zoho CRM, in this case).  And, of course, not all software “talks” to each other well just out of the box.  Finally, businesspeople need look no further for an integration between the two.

WooCommerce users deserve a robust Zoho CRM integration to go with their powerful online shopping cart – not something thrown together, or untested.  We’ve built one that runs on a custom platform and syncs all kinds of data between your two systems.  It gives you not only the integration your business needs to save time, but the confidence you need knowing you’re saving overhead and reducing workload.

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woocommerce zoho integration

Features of the integration

  1. Connects WooCommerce Customers to Zoho Accounts
  2. Syncs WooCommerce Items to Zoho Products
  3. Connects WooCommerce Sales Orders, including Shipment statuses, to Zoho
  4. Syncs WooCommerce Invoices to Zoho

Note this is not just a connector for WooCommerce and Zoho CRM.  Using our integration, you can connect your WooCommerce system with Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, and even custom Zoho Creator (ERP) apps.

How the integration works

woocommerce zoho integration

The mechanics of the integration are very simple, on the surface.  (Beneath the surface, our software does the work.)  Your customer will place an order with you, and as their information becomes available in WooCommerce, so it will sync to your Zoho app of choice, too.  That goes for Customer data, Order data, shipment data, and Invoice data.  Your products, on the other hand, can sync back to WooCommerce as Products, or vice-versa, depending on which system is your inventory master.

Our integration software syncs your records from system to system, into designated modules, so you don’t have to enter them an additional time.

Do you need to connect other ERP software with WooCommerce and Zoho, too?

Sometimes, you won’t want to use a standard Zoho app as your ERP software.  That said, if you use another system to handle your inventory or finances, you can also sync information between Zoho, WooCommerce, and that program.  QuickBooks Desktop or Online are popular choices for this option, though some other companies use Sage or SAP software.  No matter what you use, we can help you connect it to this integration if needed.

Don’t know what ERP system to use yet? No problem.  We work with ERP software every day on Zoho Creator.  Everyone has a different use case, so please let us know yours and we will provide you a solution.

See how the Zoho WooCommerce integration could tie your business all together.

woocommerce zoho integration

Start with an assessment.

We designed our integration software to work with most any business.  But, it doesn’t work that way out of the box!  We need to mold it to your specifications so it solves not only your current problems, but anticipates future ones before they start.

You know your business better than anyone – and, we know our software just the same.  Sit down and chat with us, and we’ll explore how to marry the two together in the form of this integration – and maybe more.

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