About the Company


Who We Are

ZBrains is a division of AgileBTS devoted to helping business people work with Zoho CRM in a variety of ways: implementation, customization, and consulting.  We started in 2012 and, since then, we’ve become one of Zoho’s top Alliance Partners, a distinction which dictates that the party in question be either a Zoho Creator Certified Developer or a provider of custom integrations for Zoho.  (We are both of those.)

James Converse got his start in the B2B world as an inventory manager.  He then moved onto ERP consulting and, when faced with a choice to either continue consulting or begin his own venture, he chose the latter.

One of ZBrains’ first achievements as a company was building a Zoho QuickBooks integration.  At the time, Zoho themselves had their own QuickBooks integration, but the ZBrains version sported more customized data mapping and a specialized support team.  In spite of that, most Zoho users opted to use Zoho’s own integration, as it was included with the price of Zoho CRM.  ZBrains did catch a break, however, when Zoho chose to discontinue their own QuickBooks integration, and the momentum gained from that initial break hasn’t waned ever since.

What We Do

We provide solutions to the most common Zoho CRM challenges.  Zoho CRM is heavily customizable and, as such, it’s easy to create processes that don’t suit the business models for which they were created, or to under-utilize Zoho CRM.  We teach our clients exactly how they can use Zoho CRM to fit their unique respective business models.  Our services in this regard include training for Zoho CRM and any of its add-ons (apps), as well as consulting for any problems that arise during your past Zoho experiences.

zoho plugins

Despite Zoho’s plasticity, it isn’t designed perfectly for everyone out of the box.  With that in mind, we’ve developed custom integrations with Zoho for programs like:

And, we do custom Zoho add-ons also – these are tools we created to plug into Zoho CRM and make it work even better, like Zoho’s own suite of apps does.  These include:

  1. Zoho Quoting Tool – Configure, Price, Quote
  2. Zoho Scheduling App – Easy Appointment Management
  3. Zoho Payment Processing – Credit Cards and Checks
  4. Zoho Commission Calculator – Pay Employees Easily
  5. Zoho Document Assembly – Create Complex Docs

But, maybe you’ve got a custom program you want Zoho to work with, or you have a really specialized business situation we don’t address explicitly on this site.

That’s perfectly fine!

We’ve done custom CRM implementations, written custom integrations to different ERP systems, and made custom Zoho add-ons for clients that eventually became the add-ons we can make for you today.  Every integration, app, or add-on started as a single use case…and only grew from there.

So, are you ready to bring your business into the cloud with Zoho?  We’d love to learn all about you and your company – give us a shout or use this Contact form and we’ll be back in touch with you as quickly as possible.