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Zoho Twilio SMS integration

Get text-savvy with the Zoho Twilio SMS integration

Zoho Twilio SMS integration pricing

zoho twilio sms integration

These days, even if you don’t do much traveling for business, you still probably do a lot of business on your phone or mobile device.  You use it to send and receive emails, browse the web, make phone calls, and many other business-related tasks.

In a time when we’ve become so reliant on our phones, it makes sense to integrate more of your business’ aspects with that mobile device and give you the power to push data to your Zoho CRM with just a few mobile keystrokes.  This is made possible with the power of the Zoho Twilio SMS integration, which allows users to use text messaging to push data to Zoho.

We integrate the Twilio API with Zoho CRM easily, giving you instant text-pushing capability.

zoho twilio sms integration

Features available with the Zoho Twilio SMS integration

Zoho Twilio integration comes with a load of standard features designed to mesh Twilio’s SMS or MMS-pushing functionality directly into Zoho CRM.  Enjoy streamlined workflow and the power of texting – all without having to navigate back and forth between two separate programs throughout the day.

Some of what this integration can do:

  • Twilio SMS (text message) recording in Zoho CRM
  • Text message blasts to mobile numbers in your CRM
  • Trigger custom webhooks in Zoho
  • Text message alerts for your team, configurable through your CRM
  • Shortcode programming to execute given orders
  • Push Zoho Support messages to your mobile device for easier responses

Standard Twilio features

Twilio comes with these features regardless of your integration with Zoho:

  • Sends Twilio SMS (text) and MMS (multimedia) messages
  • Detailed delivery info for each sent message
  • Message queuing for Support or Sales settings
  • Many others

zoho twilio sms integration

Why work with ZBrains?

  • As a Zoho Premium Partner, you can rest assured you’re in good hands, and that very few others can bring you the kind of work we can.  Our team of developers will handle all aspects of your integration’s deployment, as well as all training and support issues.
  • Our support team is 100% US-based and never costs anything extra with your Zoho Twilio API subscription.
  • We develop and offer other Zoho plugins you can’t get anywhere else, including a QuickBooks integration, a Google Drive integration, and many other customized tools like our Quote Calculator and Commission Calculator.
  • One of our custom plugins for field services and construction job scheduling, the Zoho SmartScheduler, comes with this Zoho text messaging integration built in.

Want some more info?

It’s easy to get bogged down with your business processes and not ask for any help with something like this.  Don’t let this be one of those situations.  We’re here for you for help on this integration, or anything else related to your business as it pertains to Zoho.

Give us a call, or contact us about this Zoho SMS integration for your CRM.

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