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Meet the Team at ZBrains

For something as important as managing your Zoho system and apps, we know you’d rather deal with real people than a bunch of no-names sitting behind computers (although we still do plenty of that).   Look below to see what we look like and read our short bio sections.

James ConverseJames Converse hover

James Converse

Chief Solutions Architect

As a Chief Solutions Architect and CEO, James sports over a decade of business experience and a lifetime’s worth of technology experience – and, he’s still learning each day how to build a more successful, more ‘Agile’ business of his own.

Sagar PujaraSagar Pujara hover

Sagar Pujara

Director of Sales & Marketing

Sagar is the Director of Sales and Marketing at ZBrains. When he’s not glued to his laptop on sales calls or mentoring other ZBrains team members, he’s typically spending time with family or enjoying live music and breakfast burritos (sometimes simultaneously).

Jeremy MozlinJeremy Mozlin hover

Jeremy Mozlin

Marketing Manager

Jeremy curates all ZBrains web content, and manages other marketing initiatives for the company.  He works closely with sales to shape the overall marketing vision for ZBrains.  When he's not working, that din of loud music you hear after 10 PM is probably him.

Dhrumil DesaiDhrumil Desai hover

Dhrumil Desai

Engineering Manager

Dhrumil Desai is a web developer and wide-ranging technical enthusiast for ZBrains. He is a diligent problem solver with practical experience in business.  He received his Master's degree in Computer Science from California State University, Los Angeles.

Aarran MendozaAarran Mendoza hover

Aarran Mendoza

Operations Manager

Aarran has his hands in a little of everything at ZBrains, from monitoring sales and consulting activities to scheduling developers' work orders--and even finance.