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Zoho CRM for Field Services & Construction

Zoho CRM built especially for your Field Services or Construction company

zoho crm field services construction

…From the ground up

Out of the box, Zoho CRM has the potential to be a powerful CRM for service businesses or construction businesses, whether you manage a construction business or any other field services company.  With loads of customization options, including fields, screens, permissions, and workflow rules, you can use the language you want, separate your system into sectors, and perform tasks automatically to save time.

But, all that said, it isn’t a perfect field service CRM, nor is it a perfect CRM for construction companies.

Potential and actual value are two different things in this case, and while Zoho CRM gives you the basic tools you need to operate your business, it isn’t a full, end-to-end field service management solution.

For that, many companies in your industry have been forced to use disparate systems to manage their data, potentially duplicating records, entering information incorrectly, and taking too much time to complete tasks that should be simple.

zoho crm field services construction

Have you experienced any of these common problems?

  1. Delivering a quote and collecting necessary signatures for a job takes forever because your SKUs aren’t organized, not all products have descriptions or pictures, and you don’t have a way for customers to approve estimates electronically.  You lose deals because of this quoting disconnect.
  2. Calculating and paying commissions is a hassle because of your structure; also, there’s no way for your employees to compare their earnings from month to month or even view statements without importing data to a separate program.  Your employees are unhappier not knowing how they’re doing, or receiving their commissions late.
  3. Processing and tracking electronic payments is a chore because you create orders inside the CRM but accept transactions in a virtual terminal or even a black box.  Your payment processing costs rise, and you’ll create more data entry work for yourself.
  4. Scheduling appointments takes forever because you have many team members to communicate with, each with different skills and territories.  You lose revenue from cancellations, and you don’t schedule as many appointments because of how long it takes to pencil in just one.
  5. Generating complex documents has always been a hassle because you simply can’t create the ones you need quickly enough.  You get payments later or even lose deals because of the labor needed to produce just one customized document.

zoho crm field services construction

It might not be the end of the world if you have one of these problems, but if you have two, three, or more?  You could be losing a significant amount of revenue every month, losing customers, and leaving your employees unhappy as well.

Can Zoho CRM bridge these gaps in field services or construction business processes?

In a word: yes.

Out of the box, Zoho CRM is a system waiting to be customized.  But, with a little work and customizations implemented, your CRM can be equipped to tackle all these common problems.

zoho crm field services construction

Zoho CRM customized for your construction or field service business can:

  • Assemble quotes with the click of a button using information stored in your CRM.  No more waiting on different departments to provide item details or photos, or even waiting to collect signatures – the Zoho quoting (CPQ) tool can integrate with HelloSign or another eSignature tool of your choice, too.
  • Calculate commissions for any structure automatically, with no extra work on your part.  Additionally, you can give your employees the payment statements they need as well as a customized commission portal to view their progress over time.  Employees using the Zoho Commission Calculator are happier workers.
  • Process credit card or ACH payments itself.  The eBizCharge payment gateway integrates with Zoho CRM and includes a custom Payments module, which acts like a virtual gateway inside your CRM.  If you create orders in Zoho CRM, the Zoho CRM Payments Integration is invaluable.
  • Schedule appointments quickly and compensate for cancellations.  The Zoho Scheduling App allows for setting appointments based on sales rep calendar availability, location, skill level, or any other metric you define.  The app also recognizes cancellations and will suggest appointments to fill those gaps.  If you have a larger sales team, the Zoho Smart Scheduler can save lots of time every day.
  • Create complex documents practically on the fly.  A cut above Zoho Docs, the Zoho Document Generator can create custom, robust documents that you can store and send to your customers to sign.  It exports documents to PDF and even integrates with Microsoft Word for easy editing.  For lease agreements, loan amortization schedules, and the like, look no further than the Zoho Document Assembly engine.
  • Integrate your accounting system of choice.  If Zoho Books won’t work for your organization, you can integrate the accounting system you already use with Zoho CRM to retain the exact workflow you’re used to.  Sync essential modules like Customers/Accounts and Products/Items, as well as transactions like Orders, Invoices, and Quotes/Estimates.

Do even more than Zoho CRM for Construction Companies or Service Businesses: Use Zoho ERP

With the power of Zoho Creator, you can use your existing Zoho system to do things like:

  • Calculate service or construction job costs and forecast profitability on a job
  • Predict inventory reorder levels (MRP) and manage your supply chain by using current and past sales data
  • Manage field services or construction work orders: track time and material related to a job

zoho crm field services construction

You really can do more with Zoho

Give your services or construction company the boost it needs in this lightning-fast business environment

As a businessperson, you might have thought a molasses pace was just something that came with running a business, especially a big company with lots of moving parts.  With Zoho CRM as your hub, this simply does not have to be the case.  Our assortment of field services-specific Zoho add-ons are a testament to that.

Use any of the links above to explore the apps of your choice, or, contact us today using the button in the upper right corner of this page to learn more about a specific app from a Zoho certified consultant.  We look forward to working with you!