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Zoho ERP Software for Small
and Medium Businesses

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Zoho ERP Software

With Zoho ERP software, your business will generate accurate insight into performance by syncing with inventory, order management and financial data. Centralize your operations with Zoho. From insight into customers, quotes, sales orders and invoices, to product inventory, work orders and process automation, Our ERP software will help your business grow faster, smarter and scale more efficiently.

Zoho ERP is the solution for small and medium businesses who are seeking to create efficiency, automate process, gain insights and more.

Understand your customers and clients using key business data

Handle sales orders, quotes, invoices and payments in one solution

Create an all-in-one solution with integrations that make your business more efficient

Determine inventory quota and fulfillment with ease

Increase collaboration throughout your team, from sales and revenue to customer service and operations

Customize your reporting across business functions

Key Features

1) Sales and Revenue

Increasing revenue and scaling your sales team is integral to the success of any small or medium size business. With Zoho ERP, your sales and revenue functions will truly become one. Increase efficiency and scale your team with features like…
● Quotes and Sales Orders
● Invoices and Payments
● Bills and Product Inventory
● Zoho CRM & Zoho Finance Integration

2) Customer Service

When working in a B2C or B2B business function, customer service is important to developing reputation and increasing referrals. After all, happy customers mean return customers! With Zoho’s ERP solution, customer service features include:
● Shipping and Return Information
● Work Orders and Workflow Automation
● Key Customer Information and Communication Tracking
● Integration with Zoho CRM

3) Financial and Accounting Management

Without the tracking of revenue data, small and medium businesses will struggle to scale. Integration of financial and accounting management with sales and revenue function will increase transparency across business functions. Here’s how financial and accounting are integrated in Zoho ERP:
● Receipt of Goods
● Purchase Orders
● Bills and Reports
● Zoho Finance & Other ERP Integration

Integrates with Your Favorite Apps!

Hear from our customers

"Working with the ZBrains team to build out our Zoho ERP system was amazing. Their ability to understand our needs and business operations, as well as their hands-on approach to explaining their process, made this the easiest technology implementation we have ever completed."