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Manufacturing & Distribution: Quoting Tool for Zoho

Land More Small Business Manufacturing and Distribution Deals with this built-in Quoting Tool for Zoho

zoho quoting tool

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing and distribution, you don’t have the luxury of waiting weeks on end for your clients to return signed quotes. Competition is fierce when it comes to providing small businesses with outsourced manufacturing and distribution of their products.  In order to close the deal, you must be prepared to quote anywhere and at any time – and, the Zoho Quoting Tool is a perfect, customized way of doing just that.

Is your current quoting process flawed?

Are potential manufacturing and distribution deals slipping through your fingers? Perplexed as to what part of your system is failing you? Solve your quote nightmare with the Quote Calculator for Zoho.

What is the Quoting Tool for Zoho and how can it help?

We developed this Quoting Tool for Zoho to complement your existing system.  That means it can plug into your Zoho CRM or Zoho Books by itself, but it can also function within a whole Zoho ERP suite if needed.

zoho quoting tool

3 key elements needed to close any deal: Speed, Accuracy and Convenience

1. Speed: When was the last time you were able to provide a potential customer a detailed and accurate quote in minutes? The Zoho Quoting Tool makes the daunting task of providing a well thought out detailed quote, possible.

Traditional quotes for manufacturing and distribution deals can require hours to go through existing inventory, itemize inventory to ensure you can meet the agreed upon deliverables within the outlined time frame. Not only is this a laborious process, it also impacts the number of quotes you are able to make. The fewer quotes you give, the more business you are inadvertently giving to your direct competitors because you didn’t get in the game.

2. Accuracy: A quote isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on if it isn’t accurate. Inaccurate quotes can result in manufacturing and distribution deals falling through, or countless dollars lost as your profit margins plummet. Providing inaccurate quotes can also damage your reputation because small businesses make manufacturing and distribution decisions based on the quote information that you are providing them with. Your company must be able to count on the accuracy of your quote when making informed decisions about who to do business with.

zoho quoting tool

The Quoting Tool for Zoho allows you to quote on demand. It maintains your inventory within your CRM (or Books) and can apply tax to your quote. The ability to customize the Quote Calculator to suit your business ensures that you can produce accurate quotes that your customers can rely on.

3. Convenience: Zoho Quoting Tool allows you to quote from wherever you choose. You are no longer tied to your computer. This is a huge advantage and one area that can set you apart from your competition.

Want to make potential customers stop and take notice? Use the Zoho Quoting Tool to provide quick, accurate and convenient quotes for your manufacturing and distribution services.

Part of an entire suite of Zoho ERP software: FieldTech

zoho smartscheduler

It could be you only need this Zoho quoting tool to complete your business suite.  However, you may also need much more.  Often, businesses will fall into this category–quoting is great, but it isn’t the entire picture.  To that end, we’ve made it easy to use this tool in tandem with a suite of other Zoho ERP apps called FieldTech.  FieldTech, built on Zoho Creator, expands the functionality of standard Zoho apps, and connects to them.

Aside from this quoting tool, FieldTech gives manufacturers the ability to:

  1. Manage inventory in an advanced way, with the help of MRP and RMA modules
  2. Manage production orders and see the efficiency of individual work centers
  3. Connect directly to the Zoho Finance platform

Simplify your process – Get started today!

We would love to help you use Zoho in the very best way possible.  To learn more about how this Quoting Tool can benefit your manufacturing and distribution company, just give us a call or submit your information here.  Our experts will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.