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ZBrains Service Level Agreement

Published January 2021

Service Standards

Each time a request is submitted it is assigned a priority rating which determines the response time. As a client, we encourage you to enter a rating so we get a better sense of your need. Keep in mind, after evaluating a request ZBrains staff with knowledge of work on hand may also enter or update rating.

Rating & Response Time Definitions

In order to quickly identify and address client needs, ZBrains has the following rating and response time definitions so you know what to expect when submitting a service request. The response time indicates the length of time our Service Level Agreement has defined as an acknowledgment of an issue at hand. Our goal within the listed time frames mean we will have:

• Scheduled time to commit an attempt to resolve your issue,

• Reviewed specifications to check scope of work,

• Or scheduled a call with you to review your issue in-depth.

Low rating, 8 hours response time

Not critical to application success. Examples may be misspelled fields or broken images within an application, not customer facing. Work can still be completed as per business need, but a minor bug needs to be fixed.

Medium rating,  4 hours response time

An important bug to review, but one that does not cause a system failure.

High rating, 2 hours response time

Requires immediate attention. Critical issue causing system failure. In addition to submitting a ticket, if you are experiencing a “High rating” critical issue, please call us at (888) 207-4111 so we can escalate your request immediately. 

The Response times here are expressed in business hours. Our teams are available 9am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday. Premium Support Plan Hours are available upon request. If you are interested in this option, please let us know.

Please note that response times are not the same as resolution times. ZBrains does not guarantee resolution times as this varies based on issue complexity. ZBrains average resolution times on tickets is about 2-3 business days.

To submit a ticket, or to manage or view your existing tickets, please visit


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ZBrains Ticket Status Definitions

Please continue reading for definitions of each ticket status you may encounter in the ZBrains support ticketing system. Our hope is that the information shared on this page will help guide you when selecting a rating for submitting tickets, and offer a full understanding of the status of your ticket as it works through to resolution. 

OPEN Status

New: This is the default status. Please note: all tickets default back here when there is a reply or when a ticket is opened or re-opened.

Working: Working is when the ticket is being worked on by the Ticket Owner (or the person on the ZBrains Team who is responsible for your ticket). 

Awaiting Employee: When the ticket is being worked on by another member of the ZBrains Team other than the Ticket Owner this is the status.

Awaiting Approval: This is a ZBrains internal status. It usually means a Consultant or Engineer on our team is helping with your issue.

ON HOLD Status

Awaiting Client: You’ll see this status when we need a response from you before proceeding.

Awaiting Vendor: Sometimes we need to get in touch with another vendor to solve the issue you submitted. This status means the agent is waiting on another vendor, primarily Zoho Corp.

Scheduled: If your ticket cannot be resolved immediately, and work must be scheduled on the calendar to resolve, you’ll see this status. This might happen in cases like a new custom report or function is needed. An ETA will be listed.

No Support Plan: If your support plan is either expired or does not exist, you’ll receive an outreach from our Ops team.  Once we get in touch with you and a plan is in place, we’ll continue working on your ticket.

Awaiting Development: When our Developers will be working on your issue, you’ll see this status once a Sprint item has been added to Zoho Sprints for us to complete.


Completed: When a ticket is closed manually, or if at any time you haven’t responded to the ticket for 7 days, the status is changed to “Completed.” Prior to a ticket being auto-closed and marked as completed, you will receive two reminders.

Closed: After 7 days, the system will automatically close tickets that are marked as Completed.

To submit a ticket, or to manage or view your existing tickets, please visit


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