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Zoho Docs Review: Effortless Document Generation with CRE Software

Effortless Document Generation with CRE Software

Our comprehensive Zoho Docs review highlights how this powerful tool simplifies the process of creating documents with CRE (Commercial Real Estate) software. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Zoho Docs streamlines document generation, allowing users to effortlessly create professional documents. From contracts and proposals to reports and presentations, Zoho Docs provides a seamless experience, saving time and enhancing productivity. Discover how Zoho Docs revolutionizes document creation with our in-depth review and unlock the full potential of this innovative software solution.

Create Professional Documents in Minutes with the Zoho Document Generator

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Many men and women choose to start their own businesses in the construction or field services industries because they enjoy building, designing, and creating.  Even when you’re using CRE software, the sheer volume of paperwork that comes with owning your own business can feel overwhelming.  Prioritizing administrative tasks and executing them efficiently is essential so that you aren’t cutting into the time you should be spending on job sites.

CRE software solutions are available to help with many aspects of project planning and management, however, they lacking in the area of document assembly.  The Zoho Document Generator add-on provides you with the ability to create complex documents in a matter of minutes, with just a few easy steps.

Customers often ask, “Isn’t the Zoho Document Generator add-on the same as Zoho Docs?”

zoho document generator

Zoho got a lot right when designing Zoho Docs to be sure, but it isn’t as robust an app as this one.  To share what makes the Zoho Document Assembly add-on unique from Zoho Docs, we created the following list:

5 Things Everyone Should Know About the Zoho Document Generator

  1. Customized templates – Tailored to the needs of your business. These templates make it easier than ever to generate professional quality, complex client documents.
  2. Retrieve data from your existing software programs – Many companies use multiple systems to record data in the form of spreadsheets, databases and word documents.  Collating information across sources can be time-consuming. With multiple windows open, you could make mistakes transferring data.  However, with the Zoho Document Generator engine, you can load the information directly into your customized templates from any format you want.
  3. Extracts information – Once you’ve decided what information you want to put into your template, it will be placed directly into your Zoho Document Generator template.  Just select the relevant information you want and you’re now ready to create your documents.
  4. Creates complex documents – Outsourcing your document work to graphic designers can be expensive.  This is a cost-effective option to produce your own professional documents in-house.
  5. Automated  The Zoho Document Generator add-on is fully automated and will walk you through the creation of your documents.  It’s like having your own personal consultant!

Now that you have your very own professional document that you created, but like any business owner you know the importance of checking your work before sending it out. No one wants to put out an incorrect quote or a document riddled with typos; it’s bad for business.

zoho document generator

How can I edit my document with the Zoho Document Assembly add-on?

Unlike many CRE software solutions, the Zoho Document Generator comes fully integrated with MS Word. You will be able to edit your documents directly on the templates prior to sending them out to your clients or prospective customers.

What about document storage?

The following storage options are available to meet the needs of your business:

  • Include an attachment in your email signature
  • Attach it directly to your email to forward to a client
  • Save a copy of the document directly to your Zoho CRM for future reference

Get Started with the Zoho Document Generator

When used concurrently, your existing CRE software solutions and Zoho Document Generator become an administrative dream team, and the key to producing the documents you need in minutes flat.  Click here to contact us about seeing a demo.