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Sales Coaching

sales coaching

Is this a typical sales meeting for you?

Change that with dedicated sales coaching.

Some of us are naturally charismatic – great with people, charming, maybe a little irreverent – and, they’re natural leaders, able to get others to hop onto their bandwagon, as it were.  Selling is no problem for them.  But, they’re not the ones who’d benefit from sales coaching.

Some folks wish they could sell, but really don’t know how.  Others attract decent business, but are looking for that way to really rocket their skills into the stratosphere and make that transition from middle-of-the-road competitor to top-of-class.

It isn’t impossible.  Sales coaching from ZBrains is the way to go.

sales coaching

Why Coaching from ZBrains?

Lessons from our sales training can be applied directly to your business.  You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop and convey confidence in person or over the telephone
  • Lead people in your organization in a way they can appreciate and even like
  • Manage stress effectively
  • Focus on the big picture – your goals – instead of scattering yourself unreasonably in many different areas

The essential parts of being a good seller – communicating confidence and value, speaking concisely, being personable and conveying your personality – won’t just help you sell; they also carry over into your non-business life, making it easier to build trust with other people and making it more natural for others to follow you.

sales coaching

Specific Sales Coaching Areas

While you may want to focus on theory, as above, you may instead (or also) want to focus on specific practices you can apply to your business to increase sales.  For this, we offer techniques for:

  • Engaging potential customers in a chat room (e.g., Zoho SalesIQ)
    • A great idea for web-based sales businesses
  • Sending emails from your CRM at the right time to engage your customers when they need it most
    • Good for any business, especially one with a long or complex sales cycle
  • Cold-calling prospects or garnering additional business from current clients on the telephone
    • Perfect for those who have many phone-based employees
  • Making the best impression for in-person meetings, depending on your business and your customer base
    • Great for most any business that lives on proposals, or any brick-and-mortar business

Understand your clients better

After learning more about sales, you’ll understand what goes through the mind of your clients – and, you’ll be better prepared to address their fears about doing business, even subconscious ones.  This will earn you respect that few ever do, and put you in a prime position to earn more business.

Lessons you can apply to Zoho CRM

Aside from offering pure sales coaching, we can show you ways to apply what you learn to operating your Zoho CRM and its suite of apps.  Zoho comes with an array of tools that can help with sales, not the least of which is the pipeline itself.  Couple that with SalesIQ, Zoho’s customer engagement portal, and you’ll have ways to engage your customers in new, refreshing ways, and a way to motivate your entire sales team while bolstered with your newfound knowledge.  Training packages are available here.

Get started with Sales Coaching today

Your potential customers are waiting for someone with your business and message to engage them – they just haven’t heard it yet.  Use this link to contact us about specialized sales training, or, just give us a call at (888) 207-4111 to schedule a sales coaching session.

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