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How to Acquire and Retain Top Sellers: Zoho Commission Calculator

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Behind every successful field services and construction company is a hard-working and talented sales team.  A strong sales team working with CRE software solutions has the power to take cold leads and turns them red hot!

Closing deals in the competitive industry of field services and construction takes skill.  In many cases, your sales team is up against competitors who have been in business for generations – and, no amount of out-of-the-box CRE software trumps that kind of loyalty.

So, how can you compete, and not only attract but retain the top sellers in your industry? Simple: with the customized Zoho Commission Calculator, built specifically for construction and field service companies.

We developed this tool to allow faster and more accurate calculation and payout of commissions. Further, we quickly identified an additional benefit of this software in the form of increased field services and construction sales and employee retention.

In the world of sales, the almighty commission is the star of the show.

How the Zoho Commission Calculator Answers 3 Key Questions Top Sellers Have:


Top Sellers’ Questions Zoho Commission Calculator
How much money can I make?  

Automatic commission calculator that’s personalized to each of your employees negotiated contracts, sales targets, and goals

Flexible commission structure options:

  • Sliding scale
  • Split
  • Profit-based
  • Payment-based
  • Commission overrides for top performers


How am I getting paid?  

Web-based employer approval makes it faster for you to approve your sales staff’s commission payouts.


Can I get a commission report with a record of my closed deals? Personalized commission statements are available and include a breakdown of closed deals.


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By implementing the Zoho Commission Calculator as a part of your CRE Software Solutions plan you will be able to attract and retain top sellers by providing them with the following:

  • A well defined and competitive commission structure
  • Clear communication of sales goals and targets
  • Accurate commission calculations
  • Increased motivation to attain and surpass their sales goals
  • Faster payout of earned commissions

Unlike out-of-the-box  CRE software, the Zoho Commission Calculator is completely customized to your business!

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Interested, but worried your business is too small or that the Zoho Commission Calculator may not be in your budget?

At ZBrains, we believe that everyone, regardless of the size of their field services business or budget, should have access to the Zoho Commission Calculator.  With that in mind, we four different basic levels of service for the calculator (found here, halfway down the page).

Zoho Commission Calculator monthly plans feature the following:

  • Guided training – Our experts will walk you through all of the steps
  • Automatic commission calculation – Say goodbye to manual calculations!
  • Commission approvals – Web-based for greater convenience

Silver, Gold and Platinum Commission Calculators boast a customized commission portal.  Exclusive to our Gold and Platinum plans is payroll integration.

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Start Rewarding Your Employees

Simple appreciation for a job well done doesn’t pay the bills; hard work should be rewarded, and it shouldn’t be such a task to give it. The Zoho Commission Calculator is the competitive edge you need to attract and retain top sellers at your field services or construction company.  Give us a call at (888) 207-4111 or submit your information and we’ll be in touch.