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Zoho Commission Calculator

Does it take you forever to calculate commissions?

Are your commission rates or amounts often inaccurate?

Have you realized Zoho doesn’t have a built-in system to calculate sales commission?

Do you need an easy sales team motivator to help increase sales?

One of the most important parts of your payout processes in a large sales department is calculating commissions accurately for your salespeople. Your sales staff live by these! Any time you take away from their prime selling activities to figure out their own commission rates and percentages is time they aren’t doing what you really need them to do: sell your goods or services.

Zoho has done a fine job of augmenting their CRM with apps that help with all sorts of business processes – but, they don’t have anything that can help with computing employee payouts for sales.  That’s where ZBrains comes in.

Swiftly Compute Payments: Zoho Commission Calculator

Imagine the amount of time you’re wasting in your accounting department by manually calculating sales commission and developing Excel reports for commissions. 

You’re probably doing all this separately from your accounting software or CRM, and all this is just to pay your staff on time. ZBrains has recognized this problem and now offers this commission software to make your job easier, integrating it directly into your Zoho system.

Happy salespeople, happy business! Similar to another popular saying, but it more accurately reflects the need to keep your sales department staff motivated and morale high to ensure continued success. One of the most important parts of keeping everyone happy is ensuring they get paid, accurately and on time.  No better way to do it than with an employee commission tracking application.

Monthly Pricing Plans

Commission Calculator Plan
$10/user/month, 10-user minimum
Revenue-based commission
Fixed commission
Profit margin-based commission
Tiered commission structure (sliding scale) (Order based, monthly, or annual)
Input spiffs / incentives
Split commission
Commission on paid invoices
Commission approvals
Credits/Clawbacks for refunds
Payroll integration (add-on)
Rep portal (add-on)

*Zoho Creator licensing is required for use of the Commission Calculator.  See Zoho’s pricing for this app here.

Additional benefits of using Zoho for Sales Commission Calculation

  • Connect Zoho Commission Calculator directly with your accounting system of choice: Works with Zoho Books or even QuickBooks.
  • Easily create commission reports for gauging individual or team performance
  • Deliver monthly commission statements to sales reps, or allow them to view their commissions up-to-the-minute with the portal add-on

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Is your commission calculator customized to your business?

Let’s face it: commission amounts and rates are paid in various ways, in different formats. And, payments vary between different industries, and even within each company. Finding the right solution for your company used to mean either settling for an inferior product that didn’t quite do your business justice, or pay out the nose for a fully customized commission sales software solution.  This doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

Our flexible commission calculation software solution is built on Zoho Creator.

• It integrates into your Zoho system – either through Zoho CRM or Zoho Books (or other finance platform of your choice).

• It can be fully customized to meet your specific employee commission tracking application demands.

• The power of Zoho Creator means your commissions module can include not only different commission structures, but also payment integration, approval processes, bonuses & incentives, overrides, and clawbacks.


Don’t allow your sales commission calculation software to dictate how you pay commissions!

You’ve set your commission structure based on how your business is run. With this custom payout calculator, you can use sliding scale, split, profit-based, and payment-based commissions – and even commission overrides. Use one or multiple per employee to get maximum flexibility and integration.

With ERP and payment integration, you ensure that your commissions process doesn’t overburden your accounting staff with manually entered tracking reports. Instead, you can integrate and automate to allow both accounting and staff to streamline and deal only with issues that arise. With quick and easy web-based approval, bonus, or override approvals, you need never wait to reward your employees. Get online, approve and pay all with simple processes from your phone, tablet or laptop with ease.

Ensuring quick and easy payment is a great sales team motivator, one of the best ways to ensure positive morale.  We think the Zoho Commission Calculator makes that task significantly easier.

Excited about next steps?

Call (888) 207-4111 or contact us for a free consult on how this commission sales software would look for you and your company.  Our dedicated Zoho support team and specialized Zoho consultants are only a call or a click away!

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