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Simplify Transactions with CRE Software's Zoho CRMPayment Integration

Process Payments in a Snap: Zoho CRM Payment Integration

zoho crm payment integration

Managing a field services or construction business requires you to collect payments diligently. Accurate record-keeping is essential to success.  Complementing your existing CRE software solutions, the Zoho CRM payment integration makes accepting payments from customers easier than ever before.

Is the Zoho CRM payment integration the same as Zoho Subscriptions, Books, and Invoice apps?

Although all three of Zoho CRM’s standard finance apps process payment, they do so outside of your Zoho CRM.  This requires you to juggle multiple windows for every transaction, adding time to your payment processing.  And, processing transactions in Zoho Books or Invoice means giving your salespeople access to an accounting system.  This is obviously not tenable for every business owner, or even most of them.

When you’re looking to process payment quickly and directly within your existing CRM, there’s no better option then the Zoho CRM Payment Integration.  All payments are processed in one window, ensuring accuracy and reducing time spent completing each transaction.

Let’s do a side by side comparison to see how they stack up.

Zoho Subscriptions Zoho Books Zoho Invoice Zoho CRM Payment Integration
  • Standard  Zoho CRM finance app
  • Monitors transactions
  • Keeps track of company revenue
  • Shows trends over time
  • Excellent option for when you do not require other Zoho CRM apps (i.e.: Subscription based businesses)
  • Processes payment outside of your CRM
  • Standard  Zoho CRM finance app
  • Creates Sales Orders
  • See invoices, estimates, etc.
  • Email function allows you to send your customers a copy of their completed transactions
  • Processes payment  outside of your CRM
  • Standard  Zoho CRM finance app
  • Creates your estimates and invoices with ease directly in your Zoho CRM
  • Processes payment outside of your CRM
  • Customized design by ZBrains
  • Processes credit card payment directly within your Zoho CRM
  • Century Business Solutions partnership
  • Process refunds and voids
  • Custom Payments Zoho module for viewing all transactions, just like your processing gateway
  • Sync to QuickBooks Desktop or Online

zoho payment integration

Custom solution built for your specific Zoho platform

Designed by ZBrains, the Zoho CRM payment integration offers you a completely customized, integrated tool that is personalized to your field services or construction business. It achieves faster payment collection by allowing you to safely store client credit card information.  And, it eliminates unnecessary steps in your payment process.  This means you get paid faster.

Interested in the Zoho CRM payment integration but not sure how this will work with your existing CRE software solutions?

Of course, you can continue to use your existing CRE software to oversee the day-to-day details of your business.  The Zoho credit card payment integration will work within your existing Zoho CRM software Sales Order and Invoice modules.  However, rather than passing payment requests to accounting, your salespeople will be able to complete transactions immediately, even on the same call.

zoho payment integration

3 Ways the Zoho CRM Payment Integration Will Improve Procedures:

  1. Faster payment processing: Credit card transactions are now processed directly within your Zoho CRM.  No more relying on your accounting team to process everything at the end of the day.
  2. Detailed payment logs make it faster than ever to search for past transactions, sales orders and invoices: This makes answering questions about payments a much more seamless process.  Simply use the search feature to locate the relevant payment.
  3. Digital receipts: No more printing off receipts and mailing them out to clients, or even manually emailing them PDFs.  Instead, the integration will send digital receipts to your customers with a single click. If a customer misplaces their receipt, no problem. Simply search for that transaction and email them another copy for their records.
  4. Happier salespeople: Nothing reassures a sales team more than quick payments.  So, when your salespeople themselves are accepting credit cards for payment, there’s nothing better than knowing that transaction counts toward their quota.

Get started!

Don’t wait around with your current payment acceptance process.  Enjoy all the benefits of the Zoho CRM payment integration, including peace of mind that you have the most well-oiled payment-taking machine in the business on your side.  Give us a call at (888) 207-4111 or use this form to contact us and we’ll show you a free demo.