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Zoho QuickBooks Online Monthly & Annual Pricing

Bronze Package
+ Deployment
Sync Accounts/Customers
Sync Products/Items
Sync Invoices
US-based Phone Support
Remote Support
Annual fee waived for first year
Silver Package
+ Deployment
All Bronze features +
Sync Quotes
US-based Phone Support
Remote Support
Annual fee waived for first year
Gold Package
+ Deployment
All Silver features +
Sync Vendors
US-based Phone Support
Remote Support
Annual fee waived for first year
Platinum Add-ons
Add to any plan:
Sync Individual Payments
Sync Jobs
Sync Classes
Sync Assemblies
Credit Card Integration
Sales Tax Calculation
Historical Data Migration

Need Historical Data Migration, Sales Tax Integration, or a Credit Card Integration for any plan?  Just ask us.

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Connect the two sides of your business with the Zoho CRM QuickBooks Online integration

If you use QuickBooks Online and Zoho CRM, you might have disparate sides of your business that don’t communicate at all with each other, leaving extra work for you at the end of the day.  Don’t fall prey to this!  Instead, use the Zoho QuickBooks Online integration.

zoho quickbooks online integration

The Zoho CRM QuickBooks Online integration uses bi-directional syncing (just like the Zoho QuickBooks Desktop integration) and can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be for your business.  Sync Accounts/Customers and Invoices, or sync all those plus Sales Orders and Quotes, or sync all those plus Vendors and Purchase Orders – it’s all up to you.

Don’t want to set up your integration?  No problem!  Our Service and Engineering teams will do the heavy lifting for you, giving you a tour of the integration dashboard with lots of supporting documentation.

Need some help getting the Zoho and QuickBooks Online integration set up, or have any questions?  Just contact us.

Or, sign up for a free introductory consultation below!  We’ll contact you to help you get everything started.




Experienced Staff

Our Zoho certified consultants are here to guide you through the integration process, from field mapping to deployment.

Your own Workflow

Sync different item classes, like active Products, if you wish. The world is your oyster!

US-based Service

ZBrains software licensing comes with our US-based phone support. Get a human every time.

Data Migration

Do you have historical data you need moved between systems? Use an annual plan, or get it from us a la carte.

If you need help setting up your integration – for example, mapping custom fields, migrating legacy data, workflow rules, or extra training sessions, we offer our services to you. Give us a call, or use the button below to write to us about your needs!

Or, call us: (888) 207-4111