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Zoho Counsulting

Is your business operating at its full potential?

ZBrains Zoho Certified Consultants can help.

Our Zoho expert consulting team brings a specialized skill set to your Zoho project. Enabling your business to make smart technology investments, improve practices, and save time and money if our goal. We bridge the gap between business needs and technology solutions through open collaboration with our clients.

No one knows your business better than you – so, we don’t expect to pigeonhole you and make you use Zoho in a way that doesn’t make sense. Instead, our certified Zoho professionals sit down with you in a consulting engagement called a Business Process Analysis in order to really get a “lay of the land.” From that point on, our Zoho experts are able to give you a solid plan for moving forward – a technological roadmap to follow. Your plan contains a certified Zoho solution, something we can stand behind.

Throughout your project, the agile methodologies we employ help us adapt to you quickly as your business and technology needs evolve – all while ensuring a return on investment. We deliver best-in-class certified Zoho CRM customization solutions, and advice you can trust, in a number of functional areas for the best quality Zoho support.

Our consulting services include Zoho CRM, the Zoho Finance Suite (including Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, and more), Zoho Creator, Projects, Desk, and many other apps. Consulting also includes how best to integrate Zoho with third-party apps such as QuickBooks, Sage 100 ERP, and many others.

Zoho Consulting Service Packages

Hourly Flex Plan
Call For Price
Hourly Block (Expires after 1 yr)
8-Hour Minimum
Monthly Retainer
Call For price
Business Process Analysis
Call For Price
Full business evaluation to show you where you can reduce costs and save time. (See details below.)
Gap Analysis
Call For Price
Full evaluation of business components to see how they can be utilized differently (or augmented) in order to achieve your business' goals. (See details below.)

Note: Fixed (not hourly) Zoho consulting services are payable in two equal monthly installments.

Zoho Consulting Services We Offer


Before we recommend a plan of action, it’s necessary to hold a Business Process Analysis to assess current strengths and weaknesses. By having your business process management in the open, we can engage in a relevant and productive conversation with all parties involved in the decision making process.

In a Business Process Analysis (or BPA for short), our Zoho Experts evaluate all aspects of your business, including but not limited to software, custom programming, hardware, staff, training, workflow process, and desired output.


Depending on your business goals, we work collaboratively to set up an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system strategy that works best for you. Use our certified Zoho solutions providers to help you take charge of your operations, assets, and human resources in a way that’s intuitive, effective, and totally customizable depending on your needs. Increase work speed and productivity through fluid communication across departments using our Zoho ERP consulting solutions.  Zoho ERP connects not only to Zoho CRM, but also the Zoho Finance platform – and, it can even be made to replace entire Zoho apps if necessary.


Zoho CRM (Customer Relationship Management) should work for everyone in your organization by serving as a powerful resource and improving the bottom line. Move beyond a sub-standard contact database and into a real sales and marketing tool that helps your organization grow!

After meeting to discuss your needs, our Zoho implementation team will customize a low cost solution that’s technologically advanced, reliable, and produces measurable results – a certified Zoho solution worthy of you and your team.


Your company works collaboratively across departments, so why shouldn’t your business software suite do the same? Our certified Zoho professionals handle the software systems integration of your programs, so your data is in sync where it matters most.

Overcome poor data communication with agile solutions!


Do you have a system that seems to work, but not as well as it should?  Many businesses have systems that are supposed to perform a set group of tasks, but fall short of expectations for a number of reasons. With our gap analysis service, our certified Zoho professionals examine the gap(s) in your system and help determine whether the system can handle other tasks. And whether the tasks should be delegated or implemented somewhere else, or if you can do something else entirely to achieve the same end.

As a result, we deliver complete documentation to you that shows the Zoho certified solutions necessary to get the job done.


Depending on your specific needs, our products can be modified through our custom software development services. As your certified Zoho solutions providers, we have the in depth experience from numerous implementations to help make the most out of your investments.

Using agile development methodologies, we streamline technology solutions and business practices in order to save your company time, money and effort – not only now, but down the road as you scale your business.

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