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Maximize Your Time with Zoho Scheduling App by CRE Software

Zoho Scheduling App

zoho scheduling app

The Secret to Increasing Productivity and Profit

Effectively managing productivity is a key element to any successful business.  In field services and construction when so much is dependent on environmental factors, it’s critical that all time is accounted for in order to meet tight deadlines, and maintain gross profit margins.  Many CRE software solutions claim to be an all-in-one option for managing your field services and construction projects; however they fall short in one area – scheduling.  Inefficient scheduling results in lost opportunities and reduced profits.

So how can you ensure that you are scheduling your time efficiently in order to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities and increase company earnings?

zoho scheduling app

Zoho Scheduling App to the rescue!

As a field service or construction business owner, your time is valuable and in demand, and it’s essential to prioritize your daily tasks. CRE software is an excellent project management tool. Pairing it with the Zoho Scheduling App effectively reduces time spent on administrative tasks, addressing three of the top scheduling issues.

4 Tips to Building the Perfect Schedule with the Zoho Scheduling App

Unlike CRE software, the Smart Scheduler job dispatch software was designed by ZBrains to intuitively consider the following factors to create an optimal schedule.

Common Barriers to Productivity

How the Zoho Scheduling App Can Help

  • Multiple systems that don’t talk to each other – scheduling nightmare
  • Scheduling App is synced with all of your schedules
  • Reduces time spent trying to sort out multiple schedules
  • Double booking – detrimental to your reputation
  • Scheduling App syncs and coordinates schedules, preventing double booking
  • Cancellations – lost opportunities and earnings
  • Scheduling App inputs cancellations in your schedule
  • Looks for opportunities
  • Fills the openings and allows you to make extra money

Let’s consider the following scenario: its 9:00am and your 2:00pm installation appointment called to cancel.

zoho scheduling app

In order to not miss out on a possible opportunity to fill your schedule, you do the following:

Traditional Scheduling Zoho Scheduling App
  1. Pull out paper schedules, log into computer and pull up multiple systems to check employee scheduling and appointment opportunities
  2. Spend an hour reviewing schedules looking for openings
  3. Call employees to see if anyone is available to fit in an extra job

This process is frustrating and ineffective.

  1. Input cancellation into your schedule
  2. The Scheduling App assesses the following factors based on cancellation job details:
  • Calendar availability
  • Proximity to client
  • Area of expertise
  • Predefined territory

Wasting an hour of time trying to piece together opportunities to fill a gap is not productive.  In just a matter of minutes, the Zoho Scheduling App will give you three possible appointment times based on information provided.

zoho scheduling app

How will the Zoho Scheduling App increase profits?

  • More opportunity to quote jobs
  • More time spent productively
  • All employees are working

The more your business relies on scheduling, the more quickly you’ll notice improvements in your operations.  What’s more is the people who normally do your scheduling will be much less stressed doing their jobs.  Maybe that even means you!

How does the Zoho Scheduling App work?

The app integrates with your existing Zoho CRM and allows for scheduling technicians or employees to jobs.  It gathers information from your CRM and your technicians’ calendars, then writes appointment data back to the CRM.  The Zoho scheduling app then writes information back to your techs’ calendars and sends the appropriate email reminders.

Coming soon: Scheduling directly from Zoho Desk

Just as you might schedule an appointment from a Lead or Deal record, you may want to do so from a support ticket, too.  Coming soon, you will be able to schedule appointments directly from a ticket in Zoho Desk.

Get Started Today!

You will never again miss an opportunity to quote a job. ZBrains developed the Zoho Smart Scheduler App with increased productivity for field services and construction companies in mind.  Get started and leverage your Zoho Scheduling App to increase profits and put more time back into your hands.  Contact us here for a free consultation and demo.