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Zoho Job Costing


Easily Monitor and Manage Labor & Material Costs for Each Job

If you or your team can’t seem to get a handle on estimating and measuring job costs you are probably losing money. ZBrains’ Zoho Job Costing add-on for Zoho CRM enables your sales staff to generate quotes, manage proposals, and  track every dollar and hour spent on a completing a job quickly and easily, using just one simple system – not the array of programs and personnel you might be used to dealing with.  How much time could that save you?

Flexible Reporting Across Your Project

The Zoho Job Costing tool allows you collect data from several Zoho modules allowing you the flexibility and ability to report and manage your project financials. You can get instant access to actionable insights that will help improve financial performance on your projects.

Here are some key features of the system:

  • WIP Reporting
  • Planned v Actual Cost Analysis
  • User Defined Milestones
  • User Defined Employee Roles and Departments
  • Rollup Reporting Based on Job

Are you ready to bid on your next big proposal?

After you find the the right job, you need to bid effectively and accurately, but how do you do that without compromising profitability, quality and time to complete? Typically your accounting team gives you a few options:

  1. Run a job costing analysis from your favorite accounting suite.
  2. Report on the top line and the bottom line for a similar project.
  3. Rush to get all the data from the delivery team while they scramble to get invoices out, provide statuses and manage the books.

With the health of your business at stake, why take a risk and rush to make business decisions based on inaccurate data? 

Using the Zoho Job Costing application you can help enable your team to help you drive the business with accurate data all while saving them countless hours of effort chasing all the loose ends. Empower your team and stay connected with your business with Zoho ERP Job Costing.

Let us show you how the Zoho Job Costing tool would look working for your business. 

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