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Zoho Doc Assembly: Revolutionizing Amortization Schedules

Zoho Document Assembly

When you like your documents a little more…complex

zoho document assembly

We all know about Zoho Docs, of course.  Zoho Docs is Zoho’s document organization arm; it classifies and categorizes your various documents, creates spreadsheets out of existing data, gives an easy conduit for sharing, and, gives you the controls you need to set various permissions.

But, there are some things Zoho Docs simply can’t do – and, for this, we’ve developed Zoho Document Assembly.  Zoho Document Assembly differs from Zoho Docs considerably in a few ways.

zoho document assembly

How It Works

Zoho Document Assembly is designed for you to feed it information from any source: a spreadsheet, a database, a word document, or another format.  It then parses through that information, extracting data and applying it to customized templates designed specifically for your business.

Special Features of Zoho Document Assembly

  • Creates amortization schedules

    • Loan repayment documents are filled with many figures and numbers that Zoho Docs simply isn’t equipped to handle itself.  Zoho Document Assembly can assemble loan amortization schedules for you based on simple data you provide, like the principal amount and interest rate.
  • Creates other complex documents

    • You can assemble custom documents with Zoho Document Assembly by providing a few pieces of information from anywhere; the easy-to-use interface will parse through the information you input and guide you through the document assembly process.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Word

    • When you’re all done with your document and want to put some finishing touches on it, export it as a PDF, print it, or make other basic changes, Zoho Document Assembly integrates with Microsoft Word.  This gives you the full functionality of Microsoft Word with your newly assembled document.
  • Offers a variety of storage options

    • You can download your documents immediately, save them in your email signature, attach them to an email, or save them directly to Zoho CRM.
  • Automates your document creation process

    • With this custom Zoho add-on, your document creation process can be as simple or complex as it needs to be – or, you can even automate it entirely.  The system lets you choose any number of templates to merge into one document – and, if you don’t want to bog down your sales team members with the same task many different times a day, you can program the document assembly engine simply to perform a given task – for example, attaching a repayment schedule to an email template – and be done.

zoho document assembly

Why use Zoho Document Assembly rather than just Zoho Docs?

Only this custom add-on gives you the ability to create custom, complex documents with just a few clicks.  Microsoft Word integration gives you the power to use your documents however you see fit, and, a Zoho CRM integration lets you disseminate your documents easily.

Make your documents as robust as you need them to be.  Get started today!

Have any questions about our Zoho add-on?  We’d love to give you a tour of Zoho Document Assembly that’s tailored to your exact business.  Give us a call at (888) 207-4111, or, use this contact form to get in touch and we’ll give you a call back about Zoho Document Assembly or any Zoho CRM consulting need.