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Zoho Implementation Guides and Plans

We implement Zoho CRM and other Zoho apps so you can focus on running your business

Get your system to work for you with a Zoho Implementation plan

After exploring Zoho for even a short time, one thing becomes very clear: the software can do almost anything, in theory.  But, as you know, theory and practice can be totally different.  How can you make Zoho do what you want without going through the hassle of figuring it out for yourself?

After signing up for Zoho, we partner with you and take charge to plan and manage the process for getting your company on board with your new Zoho CRM implementation. This includes determining which add-ons and integrations are necessary, converting data from your old system into Zoho, training classes, Zoho support, and customizations within the program for your users.

We support data conversions from most other CRM systems! Enjoy your new CRM investment to the fullest by getting expert Zoho consulting help along the way from ZBrains.

Why use Zoho Implementation plans?

You shouldn’t have to take time away from running your business just to figure out how to use new software.  And, fortunately, we’ve learned Zoho inside and out, so we can make the whole suite of Zoho apps do just what you need it to do–and, nothing you don’t.

Zoho deployment plans from ZBrains are anything but boilerplate.  Sit down with us for a Business Process Analysis and we’ll come back to you with a Zoho implementation plan that fits your exact business requirements.

It can be tempting to go it alone.  After all, Zoho software provides an incredible value at a fraction of the cost of many competitors’ systems.  And, Zoho Corporation says it’s pretty much DIY–so, what’s the harm?

This can work for some!  However, if you’re like most people, you’ll find it’s easy to open Pandora’s box and find yourself scratching your head–and, days or weeks into the project.

What does a plan include?

Zoho implementation plans are customized to your exact needs, and include:

  • Customization of fields and screens
  • Permissions settings
  • Workflow automation and Blueprint setup, when applicable
  • Custom function build-out and other custom development, when applicable
  • Training videos, as well as live Q&A sessions–for daily use as well as administration

Use an implementation plan for every Zoho app and watch as it all comes together with you, not your software, at the center!

Zoho Implementation involves careful planning. Sit down with us and we’ll start!

When implementing Zoho, nothing should be left to chance.  Rather than giving you a boilerplate recommendation, we prefer to get to know our clients and their respective businesses intimately well. Then we can give the most effective Zoho implementation recommendation to you. We do this by conducting a scoping/planning phase called a Business Process Analysis.  The deliverable from this engagement is a technology road map that will show you just how your Zoho implementation will unfold if you choose to work with ZBrains. This should serve as a great jumping-off point into an actual project with us.

Learn About Business Process Analysis

We will help you connect Zoho apps to form the ultimate business system.

While implementing Zoho CRM is a fantastic start to most business plans involving Zoho software, it’s not always the only thing that’s needed.  What about your finances or order management?  Your project management or help desk ticketing?  Email marketing?

Zoho has solutions to meet all of these needs, no matter how complex or simple.  ZBrains specializes in implementing these apps:

Use the power of integration to connect 3rd party apps to Zoho CRM.

When devising a plan to implement Zoho, you may find you need to hang on to a legacy system or make that old system play well with Zoho CRM. With ZBrains’s integration expertise, we can help you make that happen. ZBrains already connects Zoho apps with a library of 3rd party apps, including ERP systems. Choose from a QuickBooks CRM integration, a Sage 100 integration, and even integrations with custom software. ZBrains integrations are hosted on our own proprietary ETL (extract, transform, load) platform called AgilitySync. ZBrains can handle data migration services during your Zoho implementation too, if needed.

Leverage the power of Zoho ERP for your custom Zoho implementation needs.

No two businesses function exactly alike, and so there are times when software off the shelf – even Zoho’s software – won’t work quite the way you need it to for your business.  With the power of Zoho Creator, we can build and configure completely custom Zoho ERP apps, perfect for your field services or construction business.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zoho Implementation Guides and Plans

1. What are Zoho Implementation Guides and Plans?

Zoho Implementation Guides and Plans are comprehensive resources and strategies designed to help businesses successfully implement Zoho CRM and other Zoho applications. These guides provide step-by-step instructions, best practices, and expert insights to streamline the implementation process and optimize the use of Zoho tools.

2. How can Zoho Implementation Guides and Plans benefit my business?

Zoho Implementation Guides and Plans offer several benefits, including:

Clear roadmaps: They provide a structured approach, guiding businesses through each stage of the implementation process.

Time and cost savings: By following proven strategies and best practices, businesses can avoid common pitfalls and reduce implementation time and costs.

Customization and scalability: The guides and plans cater to different business needs and allow scalability as your business grows.

Maximizing Zoho capabilities: They help businesses leverage the full potential of Zoho applications, ensuring efficient workflows and increased productivity.

3. Can ZBrains assist in implementing Zoho using these guides and plans?

Absolutely! ZBrains is experienced in implementing Zoho CRM and other Zoho applications using the provided guides and plans. Our certified consultants have in-depth knowledge and expertise in customizing the implementation process according to your unique business requirements. We ensure a seamless and successful implementation that aligns with your goals.

4. How can I get started with Zoho Implementation Guides and Plans?

To get started with Zoho Implementation Guides and Plans, contact ZBrains. Our expert consultants will assess your business needs and guide you in selecting the appropriate guides and plans for your Zoho implementation journey. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

Contact ZBrains today for any further questions or to kickstart your Zoho implementation journey with our trusted expertise and guidance.