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Get your sales engine firing on all cylinders with our completely tailored, optimized deployment and consulting approach.

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Zoho Finance & ERP

Take the mystery out of finance with app deployments, consulting, and even custom vertical ERP software.

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Connect all your business software with an enterprise-grade integration platform. Use custom functions to optimize your experience.

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Convert even more leads by starting at the top of your funnel. We optimize all your marketing efforts from lead to cash.

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Use dedicated, managed email and phone integrations to keep on top of all company communications easily.

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Zoho CRM consultants, and much more.

We help businesses increase their efficiency and drive revenue growth through technology.

Does thinking about fixing your CRM situation just make you more frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed?

Lots of business software – including Zoho CRM – looks simple to deploy and customize at first glance.  And, the truth is it really is.  It’s too easy to start it up, think you’re doing everything right, and suddenly hit a brick wall.  And even easier to think you’re doing everything right, only to suspect there’s a better way to do it – and be proven correct shortly thereafter.

This isn’t your fault.  You’re an expert in your business – can you really be expected to successfully deploy a highly customizable software package meant to manage all different kinds of businesses?

Software as powerful as Zoho should come with equally powerful resources.  And, it does.

No matter what kind of business you work with, you deserve a system that will work correctly for you.  You have the vision for your business, and we have the Zoho consulting experience.  Get an assessment with us and we’ll make your vision a reality with Zoho as the hub of your business.


Our plan to solve your Zoho problems today – and grow your business tomorrow.


We assess your business by considering not only our own past projects, but your wants, needs, company culture, and vision for the future. This allows us to understand how you work and what kind of solution would most benefit you.


Once we’ve met you and taken the time to understand your business, our Zoho CRM consultants put a solid implementation plan together based on your exact needs and our expertise. We present this to you formally, and the hard copy is yours to keep.


After we have a plan in place, we implement Zoho CRM, other Zoho apps, and any other software with the exact customizations you need to succeed. This includes complete Zoho training sessions, as well as support time.


When your project is complete, we review your processes and make sure you establish best practices, as well as find other opportunities to enhance current processes. This makes your Zoho implementation much more effective.

Our Quality Guarantee:

  • We have a client for life philosophy.  When you’re with us, we’re with you.

  • We always get your approval before doing any billable work.

  • We do 100% of our work for you from our Pasadena, CA office.  No subcontracting!

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