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Zoho CRM Magento 2 Integration

The Zoho CRM Magento 2 Integration helps any online business

Most businesses suffer from some sort of double-entry issue; this tends to cost employees unnecessary time.  The problem is prevalent in many sorts of businesses, but especially so in those that use an online shopping cart like Magento.  Why is this?  It’s because when orders take place in Magento, someone has to then transfer them to your CRM.

This is a waste of time that only gets worse the busier you are.  Don’t let your increased business be a double-edged sword.  Instead, integrate Magento 2 with Zoho CRM.

Why use this Zoho integration with Magento 2?

zoho crm magento 2

The answer is simple: Zoho and Magento don’t play well together out-of-the-box.  They need some integration help in order to talk to each other.  That said, we built the integration to satisfy a need that many Zoho users and Magento users alike seem to have.  And, that is being able to sync information from Magento to Zoho, and thus avoiding having to enter information in two different places.  This could be customer information, or order or invoice information.

No matter what you end up syncing, you’ll be thankful you have the integration once you do – either from saving your own time each day, or saving your accounting team the trouble.  And, you deserve to have business software that saves you time.

Note: We call it a Magento 2 integration because Magento 1 is no longer supported – so, only Magento 2 will work with Zoho now.

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Features of the Zoho Magento 2 integration

  • Integrates with Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, and even your custom Zoho Creator apps.
    1. Syncs Magento Customers to Zoho Accounts
    2. Connects Magento Items to Zoho Products
    3. Syncs Magento Sales Orders, including Shipment statuses, to Zoho
    4. Connects Magento Invoices to Zoho

Our integration can connect not only Zoho CRM with Magento 2, but also Zoho Books and Zoho Creator apps.  Zoho Creator is Zoho’s platform-as-a-service; you might use it to build custom Zoho ERP software, if standard Zoho apps like Books and Inventory won’t quite meet your needs.  Transactions synced to Zoho Creator from Magento 2 will show in Zoho CRM via related lists, just like those in Zoho Books.

zoho crm magento 2

How the Magento 2 Zoho integration works

To better show how the integration would work for you, let’s imagine a scenario where your customer orders from you.

  • As soon as the Customer record is created in Magento, that record can sync to Zoho as an Account.
  • Your product list can sync from Zoho to Magento – and, when your customer places an order, that item (or items) can be associated with the customer (whether through deals, invoices, or something else).
  • When a customer places an order in Magento, that order syncs back to Zoho.  You can view the order against the customer via a related list.
    • When an order is shipped in Magento, that shipping status syncs back to the order in Zoho, too.
  • When your customer pays (whether at the point of sale or another time) through Magento, that invoice will sync from Magento to Zoho with a status of paid.

Do your Magento orders require manufacturing as well?

Sometimes, you’ll have to do some work on a product in-house in order to give your customers what they want.  And, that’s perfect – you can handle that inside Zoho too, with the help of the Zoho integration with Magento 2.

zoho crm magento 2

Use the Zoho integration with Magento 2 in conjunction with any of our FieldTech (Zoho Creator) apps:

  1. Zoho Manufacturing Work Orders: This app manages your manufacturing, including labor and work centers.  It also ties into a Zoho Job Costing app.
  2. Zoho Inventory Management Software: This app allows for managing inventory in general, including purchases.  It also connects with both Zoho MRP and Zoho RMA software.

By connecting the Zoho Magento 2 integration with other Zoho apps designed especially for you, you reduce weak points in your business system and give your company a scalable system designed to take on all issues you face.

Ready to start?  Let’s chat.

The Zoho CRM Magento 2 integration is powerful, but it can indeed be used the wrong way.  To make sure that never happens with you, we’d like to get to know you and your business, then put together an integration solution that will not only solve your problems now, but attack problems later before they even come up.  It all starts with a simple chat.

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