Zoho Job Costing

Can your accounting team manage and measure your top and bottom line from lead to cash?

If you or your team can’t seem to get a handle on estimating and measuring job costs you are probably losing money. 

ZBrains’ Zoho Job Costing add-on for Zoho CRM enables your sales staff to generate quotes, manage proposals, and  track every dollar and hour spent on a completing a job quickly and easily, using just one simple system – not the array of programs and personnel you might be used to dealing with.  How much time could that save you?

Do your margins miss the mark?  The Zoho Job Costing tool can help

Accounting teams are forced to report after the fact. After a project is closed, your accounting team scrambles to track costs both pre and post project close right before your next big proposal hits.  How accurate can your next proposal be if there is no time to accurately report on the results of the last one? Are you sure you are bidding on the right projects?

You can get be ready for your next big proposal fast with the Zoho Job Costing solution; the application is a suite of products that allows you to track expenses, invoices, manage purchase orders, and collect and report on time spent delivering the final solution.


Monthly Pricing Plan

Bronze Quoting Package
+ Deployment
Custom quoting software
Integrated with Zoho CRM
Optional: Integrated with HelloSign (@ $1 per signature request)
Silver Quoting Package
+ Deployment
All Bronze Features +
Quote Bundler
Quote Configurator
ERP Integration
Gold Quoting Package
Call for price
All Silver Features +
Guided Sell
B2B eCommerce
Website Embed
Unlimited Quotes

Note: Initial setup costs for this module can vary a good deal, so they aren’t included in this pricing plan.  Please call us or use the contact button below to get an idea of what your specific Zoho Job Costing Tool would cost to personalize.



How does it work?

The Zoho Configure Price Quote Calculator (CPQ) works by compiling everything you need to deliver a quote in one easy-to-use platform that connects directly to Zoho.  This means:

  • All your SKUs are automatically updated – no more searching through hundreds of defunct item codes
  • All your item descriptions and pictures (if necessary) are up to date
  • Your quotes come with a configurator: Never search through line items that have nothing to do with the items you’re selling again

By cutting down on the time you’d normally spend going through different computer programs, looking up proper images or descriptions for your quote, or even communicating with different personnel within your company to deliver you information you couldn’t find elsewhere, you simply complete your directives much more quickly.  And, you save yourself a gigantic headache each day.  Not too shabby.

Are you ready to bid on your next big proposal?

After you find the the right job, you need to bid effectively and accurately, but how do you do that without compromising profitability, quality and time to complete? Typically your accounting team gives you a few options:

  1. Run a job costing analysis from your favorite accounting suite.
  2. Report on the top line and the bottom line for a similar project.
  3. Rush to get all the data from the delivery team while they scramble to get invoices out, provide statuses and manage the books.

With the health of your business at stake, why take a risk and rush to make business decisions based on inaccurate data? 

Using the Zoho Job Costing application you can help enable your team to help you drive the business with accurate data all while saving them countless hours of effort chasing all the loose ends. Empower your team and stay connected with your business with Zoho ERP Job Costing.

Do you impress your potential customers with your speed?

In today’s world, businesses run at the speed of data. 

Stop letting disjointed business systems get in the way of your data.  Use the Zoho Job Costing tool to manage invoices, create and report on purchase orders, track every hour spent on a project or and build better proposals that will help increase your bottom line! 

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