Zoho Quote Calculator

Is your sales department consistently missing the mark on sales forecasts?

If you or your team can’t seem to hit your sales goals, it can have a disastrous effect on your business’ ability to generate cash flow, investments, and credit – not to mention it can lower morale all around the office.

ZBrains’ Zoho Configure Price Quote Calculator (CPQ) add-on for Zoho CRM enables your sales staff to generate quotes quickly and easily, using just one simple system – not the array of programs and personnel you might be used to dealing with.  How much time could that save you?

Are you missing quote deadlines because you’re stuck offline?  The Zoho Configure Price Quote Calculator can help

Today’s world is all digital, and instant gratification is the name of the game.  Your customers will be the first to alert you of this, even if they don’t tell you outright.  How many times, for example, have you lost someone’s attention simply from taking a day or even an hour longer than you wanted to when compiling and sending out a quote?

You can mitigate bad situations like those by using the Zoho Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tool.  The tool provides a double benefit of saving you time by getting your quotes assembled and delivered more quickly and increasing your bottom line by winning you deals you otherwise would have lost due to slow delivery.

Monthly Pricing Plan

Bronze Quoting Package
+ Deployment
Custom quoting software
Integrated with Zoho CRM
Optional: Integrated with HelloSign (@ $1 per signature request)
Silver Quoting Package
+ Deployment
All Bronze Features +
Quote Bundler
Quote Configurator
ERP Integration
Gold Quoting Package
Call for price
All Silver Features +
Guided Sell
B2B eCommerce
Website Embed
Unlimited Quotes

Note: Initial setup costs for this module can vary a good deal, so they aren’t included in this pricing plan.  Please call us or use the contact button below to get an idea of what your specific Configure Price Quote Calculator would cost to implement.

How does it work?

The Zoho Configure Price Quote Calculator (CPQ) works by compiling everything you need to deliver a quote in one easy-to-use platform that connects directly to Zoho.  This means:

  • All your SKUs are automatically updated – no more searching through hundreds of defunct item codes
  • All your item descriptions and pictures (if necessary) are up to date
  • Your quotes come with a configurator: Never search through line items that have nothing to do with the items you’re selling again

By cutting down on the time you’d normally spend going through different computer programs, looking up proper images or descriptions for your quote, or even communicating with different personnel within your company to deliver you information you couldn’t find elsewhere, you simply complete your directives much more quickly.  And, you save yourself a gigantic headache each day.  Not too shabby.

How quickly do you get your signatures?

After you’ve created a custom quote for your client, pages warm and ready to be signed, you might have just one problem: getting the darn thing signed.  Ordinarily, you’d solve this one of two ways:

  1. Mail it all to your client, which could take a week to arrive and another to get back to you – assuming it doesn’t get lost somewhere along the way
  2. Send it to your client as a group of PDF files and again hope the client knows how to print, sign, re-scan, and send back your documents

It leaves far too much at stake.  Why not quicken the process with a HelloSign integration?

Using HelloSign in tandem with the Zoho Configure Price Quote Calculator (CPQ) allows for delivering quotes and collecting signatures with just a few clicks and keystrokes – and then you’re all finished!

Do you impress your potential customers with your speed?

Slow and steady may work in children’s stories, but it doesn’t work in the business world.  It’s time you wowed your customers and potential clients with the speed at which you put together a quote.  Remember, everyone’s time is money.

Don’t waste another minute putting together a quote from a motley crew of business systems that don’t even integrate together.  Use the Zoho Configure Price Quote Calculator to deliver quotes and get cash in your pocket more quickly and easily than ever before!  Both you and your clients will be thankful.

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