Business Process Analysis

Business Process Analysis

Is your team falling a little short of expectations?  Not quite seeing the goods you were promised?

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There’s a solution for that.

It’s easy to see production goals not being met and immediately point the finger at the team associated with the shortage.  Truthfully, it very well may be their problem entirely.  But, that isn’t always the case.

Enter our Business Process Analysis experts.

You may not realize a business process analysis involves more than just your sales team – it involves your entire team.  As businesses are comprised of so many moving parts, some of those parts can ultimately contribute to the successes and failures of other parts; it serves most businesses well to look at gap analysis from a much broader perspective than just the (seemingly) culpable team.

Analyzing expectation and performance gaps in your business process takes an even broader look at your business, from the perspective of the world at large.  How does your business fit into the global market?

How can one team affect another’s performance?

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There are quite a few different situations.  Take these, for example:

  • Management hurting Sales: It may be tough to stomach, but, as much as management tries to hold down the fort, they don’t always help a Sales team as much as they could.  Examples of this include poor allocation of resources, inaccurate sales reports, or even unrealistic sales goals.
  • Support hurting Sales: If Support procedures aren’t up to snuff, it could end up affecting overall Sales numbers as your team members lose active clients (or simply lose purchasing volume from active clients.)  As well, when Support queries are routed through Sales, or vice-versa, this can hurt your business if integrated systems are not in place to seamlessly transfer records.
  • Marketing hurting Sales: Marketing and Sales should always be on the same page, but, this is not always the case.  Making sure your Marketing team knows exactly how Sales sells their products, and vice-versa, can help bridge the gap between both.

Where are you going?  Depends on where you’ve been.

business process review

A business process analysis comes in handy not only for discovering and eventually eliminating discrepancies between expectations and actual performance, but also for forecasting future performance.  That is, you can use the new data you’re given from gap analysis to more accurately judge what to expect from your various teams in the future and train them to deal effectively with different business scenarios.

This comes in handy when you want to determine, for example:

  • How long it will take for you to have earned enough to make a large purchase for your business
  • How many sales you can really expect from your team on a monthly basis
  • Exactly what to do to make your company even more relevant in today’s business environment

A Business Process Analysis uncovers problems now and prepares for later

Using a business process analysis is a wonderful way to discover and fix problems that may be plaguing your business, and, an equally wonderful way to prepare for tomorrow by using your new information to reform potentially flawed procedures.  Are you ready to see what your business can really do?

Call 888-207-4111, or simply contact us.  We’ll show you exactly what you can do to propel yourself and your business into high gear.

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