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What is Business Process Analysis?

The BPA, or business process analysis, is integral to all ZBrains consulting projects, and ensures a successful implementation that fits with your business processes.

The best way to solve a problem is to first fully understand the way a business runs. ZBrains does this by analyzing expectations and performance gaps in your business process. We take a step back to examine your business from the perspective of the world at large. Our experts determine what is working, what is not, and which methods need to be introduced to change the fabric of your company.

With Business Process Analysis from ZBrains, we will sit with your team to thoroughly review your sales, marketing, operations, and accounting processes to understand requirements and current systems. The overall goal is to consolidate your business operations into a centralized platform with Zoho as the hub. Based on this review, we make expert recommendations on changes, augmentations or implementations are required to meet your goals. We will determine timeline, goals, outline targets and give you a strategy that can be executed with precision to create a successful business plan for the upcoming quarters and beyond. Start your digital transformation with a BPA!

How can a BPA help your Business?

1) Save Time Through Integration

Become more efficient as a business and as a team. Eliminate double data entry and save time through integration. After all, time is efficiency – and efficiency impacts revenue.

2) Increase Business Revenue

With BPA, we examine your current processes and conduct a gap analysis. Through this, we determine what we can do as a team to optimize your business, together. We’re with you every step of the way.

3) Drive Better Data

Data means everything. We’ll increase visibility (and deliver better reports) into your business with better access to information, so your team can make actionable decisions based on data.

What is the BPA process?


We look at your business with the framework of technology, efficiency, external team contribution, revenue goals and targets and more.


Discover how management is impacting your sales team - and how sales is impacting your bottom line.


Learn how your sales team can be more supported through procedures and materials.


Determine how marketing and sales can work in greater synchrony to create change and increase revenue


Identify challenges that might not be impacting your business now - but will surely impact later.


Uncover how you can make your business more relevant in today’s environment.

ZBrains customers who found success with the BPA process

Common Problems Solved

  • Lack of visibility within the company
  • Lack of data and reporting
  • Lack of organization
  • Time wasted on administrative tasks
  • Multiple systems that don’t connect and talk to each other

Over the years we’ve worked on many projects, and seen the successes and failures of many organizations when it comes to Zoho CRM. Learn from our experience and leverage it, by allowing us to gain a full scope of your business – and guide you on best practices, so you can do what you do best and focus on running your business.

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