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How EBizCharge enables businesses to accept payments in Zoho CRM, Books, Inventory, and Invoice

In the ever-changing digital payments landscape, businesses must constantly use innovative and efficient software solutions to keep up with competitors and yield long-term success. 

Fortunately, EBizCharge and Zoho provide two powerful systems with robust A/R options for businesses to streamline their payment processing and stay at the forefront of their industry.

What is EBizCharge?

EBizCharge is an all-in-one payment platform equipped with a payment gateway, software integrations, and merchant services, so businesses can securely accept various forms of payments like credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments. 

With EBizCharge, businesses can take advantage of these features, including:

  • Seamless payment processing
  • Real-time transaction reporting
  • Recurring billing options
  • Level 3 payment processing 
  • Secure tokenization and encryption for enhanced data security
  • 24/7, in-house customer support

In addition to the Zoho suite, EBizCharge integrates with over 100 other accounting, ERP, CRM, and eCommerce software systems, including QuickBooks, Salesforce, Sage, and Magento.

EBizCharge’s Integrations with Zoho

EBizCharge’s integrations with various Zoho apps greatly simplify how businesses handle payment processing and customer relationship management. 

EBizCharge’s integration into Zoho CRM allows sales teams to easily accept customer payments on sales calls, directly inside the Zoho CRM software. 

EBizCharge provides three separate integrations with the Zoho Finance platform: Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, and even Zoho Invoice.  These integrations allow for finance and fulfillment staff to collect and process payments at any point in your process.

With these integrations, merchants can quickly process transactions, allow customers to pay by email, automate payment collections, and more. 

EBizCharge’s Zoho integrations allow businesses the flexibility to enhance their operations to promote more cash flow and long-term success. 

Aside from the features mentioned in this section, EBizCharge and Zoho provide innovative software that significantly benefits merchants.

What problems do these integrations solve?  3 benefits of integrating EBizCharge with Zoho

The integration between your business software and payment processing system eliminates double-entry, but it also brings departments closer together by speeding operations, and even improves customer service:

  • Improved customer experience. EBizCharge allows Zoho users to provide their customers with a secure and user-friendly online payment portal. Customers can easily pay invoices, view their transaction history, and manage billing preferences, leading to a positive and convenient payment experience.
  • Enhanced payment reconciliation. EBizCharge and Zoho automate the payment reconciliation process by automatically matching payments with corresponding invoices, reducing human error and discrepancies.
  • Increased efficiency. EBizCharge for Zoho eliminates manual data entry and repetitive tasks, saving time and effort for business teams. This increased efficiency allows them to focus on core business activities.

Streamline your business with EBizCharge and Zoho

Integrating EBizCharge with Zoho provides a robust payment solution for merchants to stay ahead of the competition and meet the evolving demands of their customers. 

If you want to alleviate the stress felt from tedious financial tasks, increase overall efficiency, and even make your customers happier, integrating EBizCharge with Zoho will help save you time, energy, and valuable resources.