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Zoho Books

Transform Your Bookkeeping: Discover the Power of Zoho Books


Zoho Books is an intuitive software for growing businesses that manages finances, tracks expenses, and helps manage cash flow. Streamline all of your back office duties with Zoho Books and organize all of your transactions in one place. Remain up ­to ­date on your outstanding invoices and expenses.


Zoho Books Has Faster Invoicing & Quicker Payments

Spend less time invoicing customers and chasing down overdue payments. But that’s just the start:

• With Zoho Books you can collect payments securely and quickly with online payments. Keep records of all your invoices, estimates, credit notes, and even recurring invoices together all in one place. And convert estimates to invoices in just a few clicks and use the filter to track invoices that you might need to review!

• When invoicing clients, having a customized invoice template is important as it can project how big your brand is and also give customers a peek at how detail oriented you are. Customize your invoice to look the way that you want it to and add another touch of professionalism with your brand logo.

• Record every type of payment whether online or offline. Integrate your payment gateway with Zoho Books and make it easy and convenient for your customers to pay you online without the hassle.

• Have a customers that are late on paying you? No worries, you can set up automatic payment reminders that will send messages to overdue clients reminding them that a payment is late or overdue. Zoho Books will even automatically update received online payments and notify you of the dollar amount received so you can better manage your cashflow. Once a payment is made you can even have the system send ‘Thank You’ messages or ‘Payment Received’ messages to the customer.

• In the case that you are a global company rest assured that Zoho Books has got you covered! Books allows you to send invoices in various currencies so that you can minimize any confusion with your global clients. Base currency adjustments can be made easily and you can analyze revalued balances and associated gains and losses to your bank and other accounts. When it comes to sending invoices, Zoho Books allows you to print invoices or send multiple invoices at once to your customers.


Tracking Time & Projects With Zoho Books

With Zoho Books you can closely monitor and track how labor is spent in your company. Zoho provides helpful features for doing so by allowing you to log and track time, give role based access to log time, managing multiple projects, and add expenses related to particular invoices.

• Books will ensure that you never lose a minute of your billable hours. You and your team will be able to log the amount of time spent on a project daily, or weekly, or use the timer widget to clock the exact time spent on particular projects.

• Managing multiple projects can be overwhelming at times for business owners, but with Zoho Books controlling and managing projects has never been easier. Books lets you create new projects, add tasks for each project, and assign specific tasks to your employees. You can even give restricted access to those who are working with you. Customize your users’ access by restricting what they can view dependent on their position or role.

• You can waste a lot of time attempting to sync every expense of a particular project when billing customers. With Zoho Books you can associate all expenses related to a certain project at the time of billing.


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View All Accounts With Zoho Books

In any business it is crucial to know and record the whereabouts of your money, how it’s coming in, and how it’s going out. Zoho Books holds the information to all your accounts in one place where you can update bank accounts and credit card accounts automatically and eliminate the data entry process as a whole.

• Stop wasting time with manual entry of every transaction and reconciling every month when you can automate the process to make your life easier.

• Set up bank accounts with Zoho Books once and it will automatically import every transaction from your account, helping you see the bigger cash flow picture.

• With Bank rules within Zoho Books, you can insert as many criteria as you want in order to organize your accounts. Bank rules within Zoho Books scan all of your transactions and organizes it per your set criteria.

• With Zoho Books you can choose to manually input all transactions if you need to.

• You can also record a deposit, withdrawal, and fund transfer.

• With credit cards you may need to record credit card charges, expenses, payments, and or credits, and Zoho can help with that! Want to import a bank statement to Zoho Books­­?  Well, you can do that!

• Books allows you to import your financial statements in formats such as .ofx, .qif, .tsv, or.csv.

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Manage Inventory With Zoho Books

• Track and manage inventory online with Zoho Books. View reports showing you stock levels and keep an eye on your inventory in real­time. When entering and saving a new item, you can enable tracking of inventory on that particular product so that you can have full visibility of what you have on hand.

• Need to make adjustments? No problem, Zoho allows you to make adjustments in the system for damaged goods and make adjustments after an inventory count.

• Now automate! Take it a step farther with automation as you can set reorder levels and get alerts before you run out of stock. You can even select a preferred vendor for when reordering needs to happen. When an item needs reordering you can then quickly send a purchase order to that vendor.


Visibility With Zoho Books

If you want to take a small workload off of your accounting team, give your clients the power to access their own client portals with Zoho Books. With a client portal your customers can access a portal that gives them a full drill down of their past transactions with you.

Customers can always edit and update their contact details in the portal and can also accept or comment on quotes you send. In the same portal, your customers can also view outstanding invoices and pay immediately through an online payment gateway.

Zoho Books allows you to invite multiple users and share real time information. You can invite colleagues and assign them specific role based access to specific modules. This way you and your team can be in sync with the same up to date information to increase accuracy and productivity.


Accounting With Zoho Books

Manual journals within Books can help you stay organized to receive help from a bookkeeper or accountant when in need of manual entries for things like asset depreciation or petty cash expenses.

• Easily rectify errors with manual journals when you want to transfer balances from one account to another.

• Capture and view all financial information related to your asset, liability, revenue, or expense accounts and organize them how you want.

• Create as many accounts as you want online and post entries for your daily accounting transactions.

Zoho Books makes calculating taxes a cinch. Based on your business location you can add taxes, group two or more taxes together or compound tax. Zoho Books computes taxes in just a few clicks and can help you generate tax reports so you are good to go when tax season arrives.


Zoho Books Reporting

With an intuitive dashboard you can simply take a glance at your company data to view your invoice aging summary, income expense chart, expense chart, bank account summary, credit card summary, and accounts watchlist. In minutes you can also categorize all transactions imported from your bank and credit card accounts.

Zoho Books can even bring clarity to your unbilled hours and expenses of your project so you can bill them together when sending a final invoice to a customer. In addition, Zoho Books provides a vast number of important financial reports such as profits and losses, cash flow statements, tax statements, and more.

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