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Zoho Creator

Empower Your App Creations: No Developer Needed with Zoho Creator

Zoho makes it easy to build your own custom apps with the drag-­and­-drop builder. Workflows that would generally take hours to code out and build can now be done in minutes.


Apps in Minutes With Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator provides users with a clear and intuitive UI to make structuring of logic simple and easily understandable. Drag­-and­-drop tools save you hours of time and thousands of dollars.

Use the app builder to execute on your plan and simply drag and drop code blocks where you want them on the UI to build the app. Creator features drag-­and-­drop blocks of prewritten code, so you can add conditional logic and exceptions to handle any scenario.

Unlimited options with workflow rules and Zoho Creator make for endless possibilities.

• Define rules in your project management applications to ensure that your workflow are as optimal as possible.

• Configure approval systems, check standards, and define rules for the processes with conditional statements.

• Drag and drop if­-else blocks to set parameters and criteria.

• You can then direct the actions that are to be taken when a certain criteria is met and when it is not met!



Customization is Key

As your business grows and gets more complex, the processes can get more difficult and grueling. Luckily, Zoho Creator’s workflow builder allows users to make adjustments to process flows at any time to fit your business needs.

With Creator you create separate forms for separate categories of data to achieve better organization of data from forms, such as registration forms. The Lookup and Formula fields available in the Form Builder, allow for easily viewing the relationship between two data sets in two different forms. Individual fields in forms can be numeric, text, email, or other formats to make forms customizable for your needs.

Collaborating with stakeholders or other team members has never been easier!  Zoho Creator allows you to use app-level sharing to get input and help from colleagues in regards to building your apps. Take it a step farther with form-level sharing to collect data or report-level sharing to analyze data sets and make better informed decisions.


Zoho Creator & Automation

Stay in touch with automated email and SMS notifications about process deviations or other important information about your business.

Set reminders for important dates and events and tasks. Never miss sending another set of weekly sales reports or monthly maintenance reports!

Automation helps you avoid delays, customer issues, communication gaps. Most importantly, it helps you stay on top of your business when time is of the essence!

Zoho Creator’s workflow builder has many options to trigger actions based on user inputs and helps you start doing just that – saving time. For example, when a new customer fills out a contact form, you can notify the appropriate sales manager for the territory. This means that the most appropriate person at your company can assist the customer.

Cut down those delays of internal communication and routing and put your leads in touch with the correct person from the start!

Easily set automated triggers into your applications to ensure better customer service and fewer errors while executing on processes. Using Creator, you can send out an automated message to customers who abandoned the last step in their order to ensure great customer service.

Your imagination can take you very far when it comes to solving business process issues with Zoho Creator. Give ZBrains a call and get started bringing yours to life!

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