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Zoho CRM Consulting

Zoho CRM Consulting

ZBrains is a professional services firm with the best Certified Zoho Consultants and developers for Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator, and other Zoho applications. We offer Zoho CRM consulting services and products that allow you to customize, integrate, and sync together different apps, softwares, plug­ins, etc. to help you better streamline your workflow and optimize processes. With our integrations and customizations we are confident that our solutions will save you both time and money.

As a business owner we know your time is precious and that there are only so many hours in a day. So many things to do, but such limited time. If you don’t currently have a good CRM system in place you could be hurting your business, especially by trying to manage the business in pieces instead of as a whole. Receiving Zoho CRM consulting can open your eyes to the possibilities such as having your CRM integrated with programs such as QuickBooks, EchoSign, AccountingSuite, WordPress, and more!


Zoho CRM Consulting Experts

There are many pain points for business owners when a poor CRM system is in place with no way for apps and softwares to share data or integrate. You don’t know what you don’t know, you may not even know what other tools or applications are out there to help you run and grow your business. Let one of our Zoho CRM consulting experts identify the pain points in the CRM system or processes you currently have in place. If you have Zoho CRM and are currently spending an excessive amount of time on the any of the following, it might be time you give ZBrains a call:

  • Spend hours calculating sales commissions for your employees on excel with limited overrides, commission structures, and features
  • Spend hours looking through the pipeline figuring out how to prioritize new opportunities
  • Spend hours sorting through leads in order to dig out the best and figure out which ones are dead or inactive
  • Spend hours of your day sending out email responses to customers when they should be automated (‘thank you for your purchase’, ‘welcome’, and support request received’ type emails)
  • Spend hours manually posting on social media platforms and email blasting on two different software platforms
  • Spend hours setting up tedious and ineffective email blasts that result in no new business
  • Spend hours manually reconciling, adjusting expenses, and entering transactions/entries
  • Spend hours putting together reports with KPIs and metrics that are important to your business
  • Spend hours manually tracking down billable hours, matching invoices with clients,marking invoices paid, and balancing the accounting books.

Let ZBrains help you integrate Zoho Apps and customize your CRM so you can enjoy a seamless and integrated experience and have Zoho CRM working the way you need it to, with the Zoho support plan required to keep you on top of everything. Call ZBrains today at (888) 207­-4111 to speak with a Zoho CRM training expert about removing the pain points from your CRM system, increasing productivity, and improving workflow. Remember, customizing your CRM is maximizing your CRM.