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Zoho Reports

The Power of Zoho Reports: Transforming Your Data into Insights

Zoho Reports is an online reporting business intelligence service that helps you create beautiful reports and easily analyze data. Create and customize insightful reports and dashboards to help you make better informed decisions. It can also allow you to create and share your reports with others in minutes without the help of your IT department.


Zoho Reports Handles Data

Now a days, business data is all over the place with locally saved files, flat files, feeds, databases, cloud storage services and online/offline applications. Wherever your data lives, with Zoho Reports you can easily synchronize your data for analysis and reporting. Data syncing is automatic and can be scheduled periodically to ensure that even the most recently added files are included in all reports.

Zoho Reports can sync to Google Drive, Drop Box, One Drive, Box, and databases such as MYSQL, Oracle, and more. Click here to see all platforms that can be connected to your reports. Inbuilt connectors apart, if you have data in any online or offline applications, feel comfortable knowing you can use Zoho’s data import & integration APIs to build connectors quickly.


Zoho Reports Does Visual Analysis

With Zoho’s easy to use drag­and­drop interface you will never need the help of IT to put together the reports that are crucial for monitoring your company’s performance. With a variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables, and tabular view components, you can create powerful dashboards to your liking.

With the dashboards built­in to Zoho Reports, you can combine multiple reports into a single dashboard by just clicking and dragging. Insert images, formatted text, widgets, and web components into your dashboards to make it easier to view and track key performance indicators effectively.

Zoho Reports provides a familiar spreadsheet look and feel for users to add data, perform analysis, and include report data. Build key metrics by clicking and applying pre­built analytic functions similar to Excel. The spreadsheet will provide a large library of mathematical and statistical functions to effectively extract business metrics from your data.


Collaboration on Zoho Reports

With Zoho Reports, collaborating and sharing is easy as you have the ability to create custom reports to then share them with others on the team, publish or embed them, or print and email them. Want to share only certain reports? With tight controls over access, you can control what your colleagues or clients see and do with the reports that you share with them. Limit users to have read­only abilities, read­write, report authoring, drill­down, or exporting abilities. If you want to take a report and publish it across various websites, intranets, blogs and or applications, you can! Zoho Reports allows you to easily embed your reports and dashboards across various platforms. Want reports delivered to your inbox every day? Zoho Reports can do that!

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