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Zoho SalesIQ Vs Zopim

Zoho SalesIQ or Zopim? A Live Chat Comparison

Making the right choice of live chat software can significantly impact your ability to convert visitors into loyal customers. This comprehensive comparison delves deep into the clash between two formidable contenders: Zoho SalesIQ and Zopim. Both of these customer service powerhouses offer real-time chat solutions, each with its unique strengths.

Join us as we analyze the features, performance, and user-friendliness of Zoho SalesIQ and Zopim, shedding light on which platform can best elevate your customer engagement strategy. Whether you’re a small business in search of cost-effective live chat solutions or a larger enterprise aiming for robust features and scalability, this showdown will equip you with the insights you need to make an informed decision. So, let’s embark on this enlightening journey to determine which tool reigns supreme in the world of live chat support.


Dashboard & Layout

Winner: Zopim

Zoho SalesIQ vs Zopim, which one looks better? Unsurprisingly, Zopim’s dashboard is laid out better making everything more organized and easy to read. Not to say Zoho SalesIQ is bad in any way, but the we preferred Zopim’s dashboard layout and UI design.



Winner: Tie

When we were comparing Zoho SalesIQ vs Zopim, in the area of tracking, a part of us wanted to give this category to Zoho SalesIQ due to the summaries it provides users about visitors. The summaries tell you how long users have been on the site, how many pages they have viewed in what number of visits, etc. This information can help with prioritizing importance of visitors depending on the number of times they have visited your site or shown interest in a particular product or service. However, Zopim does this as well just in a slightly different format. So we are calling this one a tie.


Converting Chat to Lead

Winner: Zoho SalesIQ

With Zoho SalesIQ, users can easily enter chat prospects into the crm directly and add notes. Zoho SalesIQ will provide you insight such as potential in pipeline, total potential value, and lead status right from the chat window. Automate grouping of hot web visitor prospects and have them automatically transferred to your top agents to close the deal. Because the chat to lead process is not as fluid with a separate non­integrated chat software, we highly recommend Zoho users to try SalesIQ first since it is a much more integrated experience.


Setup & Customizability

Winner: Tie

When comparing the setup and customizability of Zoho SalesIQ vs Zopim, this is a straight draw. Both are very easy to setup with a simple copy & paste of code into your website and figuring out how to use either is a cinch. Both also allow some minor customizability although not much so we are chalking this one up as a tie.


CMS & e­commerce Integrations

Zoho SalesIQ

When comparing Zoho SalesIQ vs Zopim in the areas of CMS & e­commerce integrations, Zoho seems to have more e­commerce integrations available along with integrations compatible with other popular platforms such as WordPress and tumblr. In addition Zoho SalesIQ covers more popular shopping cart integrations for e­commerce stores so Zoho SalesIQ takes this one.

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