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Gain trust and strengthen relationships by partnering with ZBrains.

These days, it’s hard enough to find a good business software provider, let alone a trusted advisor who can help you set everything up. What do you tell your friends or colleagues when they tell you they’re having CRM or ERP issues, and they just can’t seem to find the magic solution to their problems?

As a Zoho Premium Partner, we at ZBrains position ourselves exactly so you can point to us whenever you find yourself in a position to help a colleague. We may be an all-Zoho shop, but our offerings span the full breadth of possibilities for the software. And, there’s a lot you can do!

What does ZBrains offer?

  • Zoho consulting, training, development, and other professional services
  • Integration between Zoho and many other third-party ERP apps
  • Vertical solutions built on Zoho Creator, especially for field services & construction, manufacturing & distribution, and technology & SaaS companies


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Why trust us to deliver for you?

Zoho makes it very clear that you have many, many options when it comes to selecting a partner. Why not partner with any of the others besides ZBrains? The reason is multi-pronged, but can be summed up like this:

  • Focus
  • Transforming businesses through technology, namely Zoho. We pride ourselves on being one of the largest Zoho-only consulting firms, and that means we’re more focused on Zoho than anything else. That means when it comes to developing solutions you can stand behind, you have comparatively much more power in your corner. Our consultants have diverse backgrounds, from ERP to manufacturing, SaaS, services, and marketing. We’ve seen it all – or close to it, anyway – and no matter what you throw at us, we’ll come back with a solution on Zoho, or we’ll tell you the next-best thing to do.

  • Longevity
  • We’ve been a Zoho partner since 2012 and became a Zoho Alliance Partner.  We’ve been a Zoho Premium Partner since 2016, when Zoho first came up with that designation.  And being a Premium Partner carries special weight: it means we are responsible for a certain amount of revenue growth for Zoho Corporation every year, or else we lose the Premium distinction.  And, we have the manpower to back up that responsibility, with a main office in Pasadena, CA, and several satellite locations across the United States.

  • Innovation
  • It’s relatively easy to say you focus on Zoho only, and that you’ve been around awhile; it’s something else to say you truly make a product better than it already is.  The chief way ZBrains does this is in our development of custom platforms that integrate with Zoho. Our AgilitySync platform is an ETL platform that can connect a multitude of ERP and other apps to Zoho CRM and Zoho Finance, and gives us total control over syncing, mapping, and even audit logs.  As well, we developed the FieldTech platform to be a complete vertical software solution for field services & construction, and manufacturing & distribution companies. FieldTech is built on Zoho Creator, so it effectively improves the functionality of existing Zoho apps like CRM, Books, and Inventory.

    Who is this partnership geared towards?

    Business or Technology Consultants for field services/construction, manufacturing/distribution, or SaaS/technology companies looking to optimize their clients’ business software. This includes Zoho partners!

    CPAs who work with service, construction, manufacturing, or technology/SaaS companies, as Zoho integrates nicely with programs like QuickBooks and Sage 100 ERP via our AgilitySync platform.

    MSPs frequently recommend software packages for their clients who do manufacturing, service, construction, or SaaS.

    Become a ZBrains partner today to enjoy these benefits:

    Get paid whenever we close business from a prospect that you refer to us.

    Know your clients are being taken care of by a US-based team of Zoho-certified consultants and developers.

    Strengthen the relationships you have with your clients by introducing them to software – and service – that exceeds their expectations

    Zoho Partners

    Keep all the Zoho licensing revenue from clients you refer to us when you become a partner of ZBrains.

    Discounts available

    Pay for ZBrains projects on behalf of your clients and receive a discount of up to 20%.