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Zoho Partners like ZBrains

How Zoho Partners Like ZBrains Help Simplify Your CRM

Companies turn to Zoho CRM for plenty of different reasons, whether they want to scale their operations or they’re aiming to improve efficiency or manage costs. And in most of these situations, Zoho CRM is a great choice—it’s incredibly robust, cost-effective, and offers plenty of automation features to help streamline your workflows.

But although Zoho claims that its CRM delivers one of the fastest implementation experiences in the enterprise CRM market, it’s not uncommon for new users to encounter challenges when working through their initial setup.

That’s where Zoho Partners like ZBrains can help. Read on if your Zoho CRM experience hasn’t been as straightforward as you’d hoped—or if you’re now stuck with a needlessly complicated CRM setup that’s interfering with your ability to operate efficiently.

ZBrains: Your Premier Zoho Partner for Implementation & Support

Zoho Partners are Zoho experts dedicated to implementing Zoho for client businesses and acting as front-line support between their clients and Zoho. This commonly includes system design, implementation, customization, integration with third-party systems, and general support as Zoho releases new features and applications. 

Zoho’s Partner program is broken into multiple tiers. At ZBrains, we’re proud to be one of Zoho’s Premium Partners, a top distinction given to a select group of Zoho Partners who are responsible for a certain proportion of Zoho’s annual revenue.

When to Work with Zoho Partners

How do you know if working with Zoho Partners is right for you? There are a number of common use cases where working with an external partner on Zoho CRM implementations makes sense.  For example, here at ZBrains, we regularly come across companies that:

  • Are brand new to the Zoho ecosystem and aren’t familiar with best practices for deploying a new business CRM.
  • Have begun exploring Zoho CRM’s free trial, but realize that they’ll need some additional support to realize their vision. 
  • Are already up and running with Zoho CRM, but recognize that they’re only scratching the surface in terms of its potential for their business.
  • Have tried out Zoho CRM in the past, but either couldn’t get buy-in from other staff members or couldn’t find a way to make it work within their company’s requirements.

In these and other related cases, having a second set of eyes in the form of a Zoho Partner can help to evaluate your current setup and identify opportunities to simplify your CRM setup that you may miss on your own. 

At ZBrains, for example, we typically begin Zoho CRM engagements with a Business Process Analysis. This helps us to understand the existing state of your Zoho CRM implementation and begin mapping a path forward to streamline your system.

How a Zoho Partner Simplifies Your CRM

If you’re migrating from another CRM, such as Salesforce or Hubspot, simply getting the right data into Zoho CRM, in the right format, can be challenging. To make matters more confusing, Zoho’s business productivity suite comprises 45+ different applications—some of which have overlapping functionality. 

So how exactly can Zoho Partners actually help you to simplify your Zoho CRM setup? Depending on your specific needs and circumstances, we’ve found that any of the following actions may be appropriate:

  • Migrating your data from your former CRM in the cleanest way possible
  • Identifying the most efficient way for data to be processed through and integrated with third-party systems
  • Designing your systems in the most optimal way
  • Ensuring user permissions are set so your data is protected
  • Identifying and implementing impactful automation opportunities
  • Identifying how custom development could be used to solve difficult system issues

Zoho Partners Set You Up for Success

Finally, another important element to consider when evaluating Zoho Partners is their approach to change management. It’s one thing to build a streamlined Zoho CRM implementation—ensuring your team members are prepared to use it is another thing entirely.

At ZBrains, we offer a number of established and bespoke coaching packages, including sessions that can help you:

  • Learn how to navigate and work within Zoho CRM
  • Customize your Zoho CRM implementation to drive valuable business insights
  • Implement automation within Zoho CRM to streamline your workflows

Getting Started with Zoho Partners

Ultimately, although it can be tempting to try to DIY your Zoho CRM setup, most companies save time—and ultimately, money—by working with an experienced partner who can help them find their way around the system.

If your current approach to Zoho CRM is working, you may not need the support of a Zoho Partner. But if you find yourself in any of the scenarios described above—or if you simply want to benefit from incorporating an expert perspective to identify additional optimization opportunities long-term—reach out to ZBrains to learn more about our Zoho Implementation Plans and Zoho CRM training.

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