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Zoho CRM Ringio Integration

Do you ever get tired of tracking your team’s calling activities inside a separate program – or, not being able to track them at all? Now, true automation is possible with the Zoho CRM Ringio integration.

The Zoho CRM Ringio integration connects Zoho CRM directly to Ringio, automatically logging phone calls inside the program and showing notes for contacts when your team receives calls. No more frantic clicking between screens, memory lapses, and communication breakdowns – this integration keeps you and your team on top of your game.

What does the Zoho CRM Ringio integration bring to the table?

Full Zoho CRM integration, logging calls inside Zoho CRM and pulling up past contact stats and notes for inbound calls automatically.

A cloud-based solution and desktop app, giving you complete control and visibility of your team's calling activities.

Mobile app capablity, giving you the power to monitor and assist your team - even when you're out of the office.

REST API, allowing you to integrate Ringio with any other 3rd-party platform you choose.

Get started with the Zoho CRM Ringio Integration

It’s time to give yourself and your team the competitive edge you need in today’s technological environment.  Don’t worry about having to rely on your workers to navigate between multiple screens, enter the notes multiple times, or spend so much time looking for something that it takes away from their productivity.  Keep it simple with an engine that connects your programs together for the ultimate in efficiency.

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