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Zoho CRM vs Salesforce

Zoho CRM vs Salesforce

We know you have a myriad of choices when it comes to CRMs for your business, and we don’t take for granted your coming to us for a little help.  With both Salesforce and Zoho being such popular choices, we figured we’d put our resources to the test and explore the different facets of each system.  In this review we consider subjects like security, integration capability, and of course the all-important price.

So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get into this together!



Winner: Zoho CRM

In terms of cost, Salesforce vs Zoho CRM, which one do you recommend? A commonly asked question with a simple answer. If you need all the bells and whistles go with Salesforce, but if you don’t want to overpay for tools you won’t ever use, then we recommend Zoho CRM. We recommend Zoho CRM not only because it is substantially cheaper, but because everything else costs less such as the business apps, collaboration apps, implementation cost, and other add-ons you might need later. Salesforce is about three times more expensive to setup, and because the developers making these awesome add-ons are charged $3,000 an app review plus an additional $200/year to list each app. In result, that cost is passed on to the Salesforce customer making these useful apps, integrations, and plug-ins even more expensive with Salesforce.


Web-Based or Locally Installed

Winner: Tie

When comparing Zoho CRM vs Salesforce in the areas of data storage, both offer cloud based solutions allowing you to access your CRM anywhere, anytime. Both companies also offer mobile apps available for both iPhone and Android, so this is a tie.


Hardware and Software Requirements

Winner: Tie

In terms of using either customer relationship manager via laptop, tablet, or smartphone, both will work just fine on just about any device as long as you have good internet. In terms of software, these CRMs are both readily compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

With both services, you need either Android 2.2 or iOS 5.0 in order to run the latest versions of either CRM without issues. Zoho claims that its CRM is accessible via a mobile browser, something Salesforce doesn’t claim (although they might be capable). But it makes much more sense to use the mobile apps for both CRMs, so we’re going to call this a draw.


Specific Size of Business

Winner: Zoho CRM

Salesforce is a great CRM solution but it’s also clearly designed for large teams exclusively made up of salespeople in mind. You will more than likely want to modify layout and reporting options to fit your business needs, but you may just find that it is overkill at a more expensive price.

Zoho, on the other hand, has multiple options and different sized plans for businesses of all sizes. The various plans scale appropriately depending on your company’s growth and the size of your team. As your company grows you’ll find that you can add the features you need and even customize your Zoho CRM.



Winner: Salesforce

Zoho CRM vs Salesforce comparisons in the features department is one that is very important to business owners as they choose to do more with their customer data as their business grows and changes. It is important that CRM companies allow development of additional business apps, plug-ins, integrations, etc. in order to meet their customers’ needs. When comparing Zoho CRM vs Salesforce, remember, both are full-featured CRM suites, so anything you need, you’re almost certain to get. Zoho CRM wins the features department because they are simple, work well, intuitive, and unique. In addition, with Zoho CRM you have the ability to create custom apps to work with your CRM and improve workflow compared to Salesforce which carefully selects which apps make it onto their App Exchange.

Most Unique Zoho CRM Vs Salesforce Features Found

Chatter (Salesforce)

A quasi-social media feature that enables you to follow clients and major events in your field.You can communicate with one person or with a group.

Proximity Alerts for Mobile (Zoho CRM)

This nifty and unique feature built into the Zoho mobile app triggers proximity alerts. When you come within range of a client (you set the range yourself), the app can automatically alert you. This is great if you enjoy stopping in for follow-up visits and strengthening relationships with current clients.

Zoho CRM vs Salesforce: Notable Add-ons for Zoho CRM

Zbrains’ Zoho Quote Calculator, lead-to-quote add-on application to Zoho’s App suite, enables your sales staff to concentrate their efforts on better leads, establish better quoting procedures that can ultimately lead to much better sales forecasts.

This commission calculator can handle various different commission structures and also includes payment integration, approval processes, bonuses and incentives, overrides and even gamification. Save time and reduce errors by no longer manually calculating commissions and having Zoho CRM work for you.

Develop and customize the Zoho CRM dashboard to reflect your personal preferences and make it specific to your business and industry. View the KPIs and key metrics that matter most to you to help you monitor your business and help you make better decisions.

Zoho CRM vs Salesforce: Integrations with Software

Make accounting easy by syncing customers, contacts, products, estimates, sales orders, and invoices between Zoho CRM and QuickBooks.

Zoho CRM Integration for EchoSign

Save time by generating and managing important documents directly through Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM Integration for AccountingSuite

Streamline business operations by seamlessly passing customers, products, and orders from Zoho CRM to AccountingSuite.

Zoho CRM Integration for WordPress

Decrease time to action by syncing web leads with Zoho CRM and WordPress.

When comparing Zoho CRM vs Salesforce it is important to keep in mind that you are more likely to find an app, integration, or plug-in to be much more affordable with Zoho CRM vs Salesforce due to lower fees incurred by the developers. Read more here.

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