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Zoho CRM Integrations

Zoho CRM Integrations: the way to run your business to its fullest potential

zoho crm integrations

Zoho CRM

If you are researching Zoho CRM integrations, you most likely noticed that there are a lot of options for integrating your CRM with your accounting or ERP system. As you evaluate those options, here are some points to consider while doing your research. It’s always recommended to work with a certified Zoho consultant who can help with your integration after a thorough needs assessment.

1.) Do Not Enter

Why enter customer records if others are willing to do it for you? The best part about CRM integration into company websites, surveys and other apps allows you to collect information from clients by allowing them to enter their own information. It can then be assessed and included into your database. This can save large amounts of time if done properly.

2.) Enter Only Once

If you ever have to enter information more than once, your CRM and ERP integration was done poorly. Moving information or copying it from one program to the next ultimately leads to mistakes through human error. Ensure all new customers and old customers are available to all the stakeholders that require the information, such as marketing, sales, and customer service without having to acquire the information separately.

3.) Let History Repeat

In business, letting your customers repeat their invoicing and sales histories enables sales departments to better understand their client’s sales cycles. Make sure any CRM integration includes these vital areas of information.

4.) Order Processing

Any quote offered to client should be easily transferrable into your ERP system for immediate conversion into an order without extra processing. A simple quote to order process can save billing and sales departments tons of time.

5.) Proper Inventory Numbers

To be effective in selling products, your sales team need inventory information that is accurate and up-to-date on a consistent basis. Quantity of items on hand and their location will help them ensure the quickest delivery from the nearest location, enabling more sales turnovers in the long run.

6.) It Should Save $

The bottom line of a Zoho CRM integration with an ERP is to be able to produce better efficiencies and in the end save the company money in lost productivity. Yet it can also save money by keeping ERP licensing fees to a minimum and allowing those that need information get it through the lesser cost of a CRM.

7.) Let Them Roam

Road service personnel or traveling sales reps often waste time by not being able to place an order on their mobile devices while at the client’s business. Enabling this simple solution can ensure maximum sales and better production by your sales team. CRM integration with mobile capabilities can even allow payment collection on the spot. Ensuring that executives or other employees can work offline and enable syncing when they are back online allows productivity even when traveling or flying.

8.) Easy Returns

Proper CRM integration can make returns management an easy process instead of the logistical nightmare most companies are used to dealing with. Make sure your Zoho CRM can handle return tracking with ease and integrate the process with your ERP.

There are lots of other issues that can arise when implementing and integrating a new CRM system alongside your ERP. Having the right consultant that understands your business processes, asks the rights questions and can guide you to the most effective solutions makes even the implementation easier.

Zoho One: The Ultimate in Zoho integrations

zoho crm integrations zoho one

If there’s one thing Zoho has been doing lately to up the ante, it’s add software to the Zoho “family” of apps.  In 2016, Zoho began to offer all 35 or so apps in one unified package called Zoho One.  Zoho One sets itself apart from most software bundles as it can be had for less than the cost of a Zoho CRM Enterprise license.  Many apps in Zoho One integrate directly with Zoho CRM – for example, Zoho Books for managing finances and light inventory, and Zoho Campaigns for email marketing and analytics.  For companies looking to use Zoho CRM for integrations, or perhaps looking to get all their software under one umbrella, Zoho One is a fine choice.

Want to know more about how Zoho CRM integrations can help you?

Zoho CRM integrations are key to nearly any well-run Zoho system, and it’s not always obvious which way to go with them at first.  But, it’s nothing a consulting session can’t help suss out!  Contact us today to learn how our team of Certified Zoho Consultants can take your Zoho integrations experience to the next level, or, reach out for any CRM training or support questions.  Just use the Contact Us button in the upper right corner of this screen and a ZBrains Zoho consultant will get back to you within 24 hours.


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