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Zoho Invoice

What is Zoho Invoice?

Zoho Invoice, a cloud-based invoicing and billing software, aims to simplify and streamline the invoicing process for businesses of all sizes. It enables you to create professional invoices, effectively manage expenses, and effortlessly track your finances. Transitioning to Zoho Invoice allows you to bid farewell to the challenges of manual invoicing and embrace a more efficient and organized approach to handling your financial transactions.


All Invoices In One Place

In any business, some customers view their invoices immediately and pay in full, others might pay a portion of the billed amount and some may just be overdue. With Zoho Invoices you can easily manage all your invoice transactions in one place so you can sort through and figure out which invoices need your attention. View invoice history to view all changes made to invoices since the created date. Check on price revisions, comment on them, and interact with your customers through client portals.

Customize your invoices and upload a logo to them to give your business a more professional look and feel. Pick a template from the provided gallery and customize it for your specific business needs. If you want to collect on invoices quicker, then consider setting up a payment gateway for your customers to pay you through. Eliminate the process of having to deal with more emails and checks by allowing your customers to pay you via credit card online.

Set up automatic payment reminders that will chase late paying customers for you. Zoho Invoice can automatically update online payments received and even notify you of funds received. Do you have global customers? Well you’re in luck, Zoho Invoice allows you to send invoices in various currencies so you can sell across the globe. Base currency adjustments can easily be made and you can analyze the revalued balances and the corresponding gain or loss to your accounts.


Estimates & Online Quotes

With Zoho Invoice you can create and send professional looking estimates to your customers. View all of your estimates and watch them turn into invoices and also keep track of all your transaction history. Zoho lets you create and personalize your own online quotes from a gallery of templates so you can send estimates and quotes in the format you choose. Track all of your estimates and quotes online to keep an eye on discounts, changes in quotes, and client interactions. Once an estimate is approved know that you can instantly convert them into invoices instead of typing them from scratch.


Track Expenses with Zoho Invoice

Always be aware of how much you are spending on your projects and business. Record and categorize all your expenses and have an accurate representation of all costs associated with particular projects. This can help when you are billing your customers for any reimbursable expenses. Need proof of purchase for reimbursement? No problem! You can upload receipts or other images to match it with expenses. Easily view all expenses in a list and analyze various types of expenses to better optimize your business expenses and increase profits.


Zoho Projects Integrates with Zoho Invoice

The built in integration with Zoho Invoice (a separate app) automatically generates invoices using the logged timesheets. So if you want to streamline that process for accounting, be sure to checkout the Zoho Invoice application as well. Zoho Projects offers time tracking functionalities that streamline the performance of a project, calculates task time, and exports timesheet data in the desired format while sending invoices for payments using Zoho Invoice. You can load all your timesheet data into Zoho Invoice by clicking the Create Invoice option.


Time Tracking & Billing

Zoho Invoice allows you to enter and track the time spent on project tasks. Create a project, add tasks under it, and enter your staff hours to begin time tracking. Track all your billable and non- billable hours for each project so you can charge your customers accordingly. If you need to share this information with others on your team, you can customize user access by restricting what they can view­­dependent on their role or title.


Powerful Insights with Zoho Invoice

Never run reports again to view numbers that are important to you. The provided dashboard, reports, and charts cover all major areas of your business. Track your sales and expenses instantly with insights pertaining to your income and expenditure. Always know how much receivables you have in the pipeline and see where you can speed up payments.

Receive 360 degree reporting in almost all facets of your business. In the reports section you can view sales reports, sales by customer, sales by item, sales by salesperson, etc. the possibilities are endless. Want to share your reports with colleagues? No problem! Zoho Invoices lets you export the report as PDF, print a copy, or share it.

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