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Zoho Mail

Experience a clean, intuitive, and ad-­free interface that will look familiar to you as a Zoho CRM user. Enjoy the integrated functionality and simple aesthetics.

Zoho Mail Has No Ads

If you want to minimize the learning curve for your employees learning to use your company’s email platform, you’ll find that utilizing Zoho Mail’s recognizable interface will help employees be productive immediately from login.

The best part? One mail app gives you 25 free email accounts. And even though Zoho Mail offers free plans, you will NEVER see ads displayed inside your webmail interface.

• Organize and categorize your emails easily with folders, labels, flags, and automatic filters.

• Zoho Mail supports multi­level folder structure so you can keep your work organized and clutter free.

• Organize your emails in a tree structure to smoothly navigate through important or saved emails.


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Feature Packed Email

Using an email platform should be easy. You don’t have to compromise features for simplicity of use.

• Zoho Mail provides drag and drop tools to quickly and easily attach files, apply labels, and move messages to folders.

• Automating incoming email handling, has never been easier. Apply automatic filters to move mail from one folder to another.

• You can even label particular emails based on criteria you define and import filters from other sources.

• Viewing unread emails, labeled emails, and flagged emails improves user productivity, helping users filter and identify important emails.

• Related threads are presented in a nested­ tree format to clearly depict which folders are relevant and associated with each other.

For example, sometimes you see an email response to an email you sent out a while ago and don’t remember the context of the conversation. No worries, with Zoho Mail you can track the history of the email thread to then read and understand how the conversation unfolded.

The tabbed view helps you refocus on your work and ensure you never lose track of what you’re working on. You can compose an email and open multiple other emails in separate tabs. Now you can quickly navigate between different emails and later close the tabs to return working on what you were previously doing.

Ever have an idea and want to discuss with a team member the minute genius strikes? Well with Zoho Mail you can click the chat bar at the bottom and instantly begin chatting with other members of your team. Take collaboration to the next level with the ability to create group chats for brainstorm sessions and discussion.


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Smarter Email

Functionality and ease of use make Zoho Mail a smart choice. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly complete an action like open an email in a new window or a new tab with simple keyboard commands. If you want, you can even later disable keyboard shortcuts right from your browser.

• With Zoho Mail you are protected from viruses.

• Self­ learning spam protection keeps your inbox clean and free of junk ­mail.

• Every incoming email attachment can be scanned automatically upon entering your inbox to provide maximum security.

• Create up to thirty five keyboard shortcuts to make navigating through your email interface more efficient.

With web ­based email you no longer need software installations and upgrades, everything is updated in the browser immediately after updates are pushed. Zoho Mail comes with Zoho Docs so you can manage all your documents in one place. Users can create, edit, and collaborate on word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. In addition you’ll get an integrated calendar, tasks, notes, and contact modules.


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