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Zoho Motivator

zoho motivator

Drive Your Sales Team’s Success with Zoho Motivator

Note: As of February 2020, Zoho has deprecated Zoho Motivator.  Rather than keep the special KPIs and charts separate from the CRM, Zoho Corporation has moved these items into the CRM.  In addition to making these features more accessible, this move has improved the general user experience of Zoho CRM.  Please read on for our write-up on Zoho Motivator, but bear in mind these features are either available or in development for Zoho CRM.

Zoho‘s Motivator app for Zoho CRM is designed to make your sales team work even harder for you – and, as the name suggests, really want to do it.  Just how does that work?  Well, it’s simple…

What Zoho Motivator Does

zoho motivator

Zoho Motivator turns an ordinary day doing sales behind a desk into a game.  And, the thing about playing games is they’re much more fun than doing work.  What about playing games that contribute to getting work done?  It may sound too good to be true – but, it isn’t!

Zoho Motivator compiles statistics about your team’s performance and pits individual team members against each other in friendly competition.  You can leave your team members to try besting one another.  Or, you could up the ante by providing a prize to the sales winner, complete with a countdown to victory.

As for access, you can give your sales team access to Zoho Motivator, sure.  But, for a true big game environment, you can project Zoho Motivator onto your central office TV monitor(s).  Your sales team – and, soon, your expectations – will completely transform.

How Zoho Motivator Works to Boost Sales

It can be a little tough to grasp how such a simple concept as gamification can have such a drastic effect on your sales team.  Here are some ways the motivational app can contribute to your team’s success:

  • Having fun makes it easier to make sales.  When you’re not having a good time at work, it affects how you deal with your clients and prospects, whether you’re in a meeting or simply talking on the phone.  Conversely, doing better at work is as simple as having a good time; the people you communicate with will be able to tell you’re in a good mood. And, as you know, that often translates into warmer receptions and more sales.
  • Access to stats means you can pinpoint and replicate successes.  Without knowing when your team’s best calls or meetings are, and who your respective team members’ best clients are for their unique personalities and other particulars, it’s difficult to achieve any degree of success consistently.  With that in mind, Zoho Motivator comes equipped with a variety of sales dashboards that show success rates by geographical region, by time, and by other factors that you can customize to best take advantage of your pool of talent.

zoho motivator

  • Competition encourages growth – and, so collaborates.  Letting your team members see each other’s successes through Zoho Motivator is a wonderful way to encourage competition.  But, it also fosters a collaborative spirit if your sales goals are team-oriented.  Having access to statistics means your team leaders know which of their team members are doing the best and which members need the most help.
  • Seeing statistics improves overall morale and makes your team work even harder.  Adding onto the previous note, giving your team access to their statistics as well as those of their peers can give them a sense of pride.  And, it can encourage them to work even harder to match their peers.

How does Zoho Motivator make you more money?

Increased sales aside, what exactly does the Zoho sales gamification app do to put more money in your pocket?

Every business has questions like, Why did this deal close faster than that deal?, or, How can we shorten our sales cycle even further for maximum output?  Motivator gives you the tools to answer those very questions.

zoho motivator

Sales Dashboards show all your KPIs on one screen

You can choose between a selection of KPIs like several calls, deals closed, meetings, and other indicators you choose on your own.  Having these numbers at your fingertips allows you to more accurately assess your team’s performance.  And, in turn, it lets you create strategies to improve sales numbers even more.

Furthermore, if you get bogged down by seeing too many numbers at once, you can customize your KPI dashboard to show only the numbers you want to see.  You can also hide the ones you don’t want on a different dashboard for later use.

zoho motivator

Your dashboards can not only display figures but analyze them for you

As is often harped on this website, saving time gives you more money in the long run.  And, when it comes to analyzing and reporting sales numbers, this certainly holds.  The Motivator app’s dashboards cut down the time you might spend crunching numbers and analyzing data by giving you real, meaningful stats.  For example:

  • Trend charts gather historical sales data, making it easy to pinpoint monthly anomalies.  In turn, you can set sales benchmarks using this data.
  • Individual breakdown charts.  Giving employees due feedback is a great way to let them know you value their work and that you’ve noticed their contributions.  And, of course, it gives them the tools they need to improve their work.
  • Pipeline velocity charts show how quickly deals move through your pipeline en route to closing by breaking down your sales cycle by stage and showing trends for each of those stages.  These sorts of calculations are specific to Zoho Motivator and can’t be done by scouring Zoho CRM or QuickBooks.  As with many Zoho features, this one can be customized to your liking as well.

zoho motivator

Encourage the sales behavior you want

Turn your own organization-level goals into sales goals by breaking them down into personalized chunks.  Zoho Motivator can help by creating a daily target phone call goal for your team, as well as many other customized, trackable goals.  You can assign these goals to individual salespeople, teams, or your entire organization.

On the back end, you can track the progress of your salespeople as necessary.  Zoho Motivator gives up-to-the-minute reports without disrupting anything.  This, in turn, gives you a clear picture of anything happening on the sales floor at any given time.

Zoho Motivator is perfect for sales contests!

Almost nothing beats the thrill of a high-stakes sales contest…  So, why not foster that kind of environment at your office and see how it puts a spring in everyone’s step?  You can use Zoho Motivator to create contests derived from your sales goals in just a few clicks.

Use contests as a way to build teams

When there’s something real to be gained, especially an actual prize, your salespeople will band together if you put them on teams.  You can use this as a way to strengthen your team members by placing them on teams with sales veterans.  When their success depends on the success of others, you can be sure they’ll jump in to help your less experienced team members.

Tie rewards to goals – and, let the whole team (or office) know it when they win

Use Motivator to let your teams know what they can win depending on their degrees of success.  The app will send an email to the winning team (or person) once they’ve achieved their goal.  If you project the Motivator app onto your office TV monitor, you can let the entire office know at once.

Zoho MoTVator

Create custom channels consisting of dashboards filled with KPIs, individual team member statistics, and a leaderboard so teams can track their distance to their rewards.  Adding variety to your screens makes your Zoho Motivator channel look more like a company-wide TV program!

You can also use your TV screen to broadcast big announcements, like an additional prize for reaching a particular goal more quickly.  Or, you could congratulate a team member for reaching a goal more quickly than anticipated.

zoho motivator

Are you feeling (Zoho) Motivated?

Zoho Motivator is deceptively simple!  It simply takes numbers from your sales records and broadcasts them, compiling statistics that aren’t accessible simply from Zoho CRM.  But, the power it can bring to a sales team is practically boundless.  This is especially the case when your team just needs a little kick in the pants to be great.

We’d love to talk to you more about Zoho Motivator

Call us at (888) 207-4111 or use this form to contact us and we’ll answer any questions you have about the app, as well as any other Zoho CRM consulting or CRM training questions.  Happy selling!