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Zoho Sales Gamification

Zoho Sales Gamification is here!

sales gamification

Welcome Zoho Motivator!

Note: As of February 2020, Zoho Corporation has discontinued Zoho Motivator.  Rather than continue developing the app, Zoho has moved many of its features (and then some) to Zoho CRM.  This gives users a more unified experience, and allows for easy sales gamification access without needing two different Zoho apps.  Read on for our full-write up of Zoho Motivator, but look for many of these features inside Zoho CRM.

Zoho Motivator might be my favorite new Zoho app as of late.  Most Zoho products fulfill a business need or make a process easier, but, only Zoho Motivator can take something like sales and turn it into a game through bona fide Zoho sales gamification.  But, what’s so hot about sales gamification?

Well, picture this.

sales gamification

You go into an office day-in and day-out.  You strive to reach your sales goals every day or every week.  …And, sometimes you have a head honcho breathing down your neck the whole time.  You get a paycheck every month, but…it’s just not fun anymore.  The energy in your office is lacking, and, it’s getting lower by the second.

Obviously, this doesn’t sound very fulfilling or healthy.  What can you do?  Or, better yet, what can your boss do to turn this situation around?

It’s actually pretty easy.

By using sales gamification via Zoho Motivator, you give your sales team a new lease on life, and get them doing things you always wanted but never imagined possible.  All it takes is a little positive reinforcement and a little competitive nature, both of which Zoho Motivator gives you the power to provide.

Sales Gamification Means Something for Everyone

sales gamification

Zoho Motivator turns an ordinary selling stint into a contest.  This comes complete with statistics for your team members, detailed analytics for a sales director, and the ability to really up the ante with prizes linked to sales milestones.  Furthermore, you can broadcast it all on your office TV monitor (or multiple monitors) for some real in-office fun.

Detailed stats mean quicker sales

Your sales team members will feel like stars when they can access all their statistics from the Zoho Motivator app.  Team members can use these stats to compare themselves to their peers and use historical data plotted on graphs to measure their progress over time.  They can even see comprehensive pipeline views that show how long their prospects spend in each sales stage, giving them an idea of where they can improve their own processes.  It’s also important to note that many of the stats provided by Zoho Motivator, like pipeline velocity and close ratio, can’t be found in Zoho CRM or QuickBooks alone.

Sales gamification means teamwork!

sales gamification

Having the very idea of sales turn into a game with Zoho Motivator makes it intuitive for a sales team to band together in order to achieve the highest success rate.  Team leaders can use dashboards to look into their own processes and offer key advice to team members in need.  Or, they can just use them to offer congratulations when one of their own closes a big deal.

When teams compete, you win

Having your sales team members band together is great when you have a strong team leader.  But, having two sales teams face off against each other in a little friendly competition?  Even better, and even more fun for everyone.  You can sweeten the pot by adding publicly viewable prizes to each sales level a given team reaches.  Or, simply leave a pot of gold at the end of the month for the team with the highest revenue to take!  The possibilities are many.

Your own sales channel can really MoTVate your office

sales gamification

Zoho Motivator’s healthy flow of statistics and analytics into the lives of your sales team members will do a lot to help them have fun and work towards sales goals .  But, broadcasting live sales stats on a screen in your office makes things even more fun!  With the spotlight thrust upon them, your sales team members will have reason to work even harder.

Are you feeling motivated today?

sales gamification

Sales gamification is a fantastic way to breathe life into a stale sales environment, and get your team members thinking about self-improvement and sales more often – which can only help you.  Zoho Motivator is the key.  If you have any questions about Zoho Motivator, need straight-up Zoho consulting, support, or training, call us up at (888) 207-4111.

Happy selling!

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