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Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ

With Zoho SalesIQ, you can track website visitors in real­time and use data to determine how to engage with them. Chat with your website visitors to educate them or help them find the right solutions. Engage website visitors and make them your customers.


Track & Engage with Zoho SalesIQ

With Zoho SalesIQ you get real­time information about your website visitors such as geolocation. This information allows you to strategically approach visitors on your site with special promotions, coupons, or personalized offers to help you increase your market share and presence where necessary. Geolocation can also help you determine which language to use when greeting your web visitor.

Zoho SalesIQ is packed with useful analytics so that you can monitor how visitors are interacting with your website in real­time. Identify where your web traffic is coming from and analyze the pages that visitors seem to visit the most. Figuring out which pages are most effective and resourceful to users is a cinch with reported engagement rates and other important information such as last visit, how many visits, in what time frame, etc. Zoho SalesIQ automatically identifies if a visitor is new or a returning guest so you can address the visitor in the most appropriate way.


Chatting with Zoho SalesIQ

When web visitors land on your website, you can enable settings that allows your chat team to include a small bio about their specialties and let web visitors chat with the specialist they feel will be able to best help them best. Segregating your live chat team into separate departments is possible with SalesIQ so your visitors can quickly identify which department they want to chat with and cut down the time it takes a customer to find the help they need. Increase efficiency and overall productivity with the different chat departments.

If you want to take productivity to another level, managers have the ability to co­browse with training chat specialists while they help real visitors in real­time. Managers or department leads can even see the conversation as it is happening and even have the ability to message the trainee in a separate chat window to coach them through the sales process.

For businesses that have a wider audience and cover markets across the globe, Zoho SalesIQ offers real­time automatic language translation. Receive messages in any language and converse with prospects in their native language while SalesIQ does the work. One really cool and unique features is the ability to add Zoho SalesIQ’s signature chat into an email string after a the sales rep’s signature, allowing prospects to chat with your sales reps right from the email.


Chat to Lead with Zoho SalesIQ

The chat to lead experience with SalesIQ is perfect as you can easily convert live chats into leads or contacts. Enter potential prospects into Zoho CRM directly from the chat window. Once in the CRM, Zoho can alert you within the CRM when a particular visitor returns to your website. Furthermore, you can automate the grouping of hot leads and route them to your top agents to close the deal.


Prebuilt Reports within SalesIQ

See performance summaries of your team with easy to interpret prebuilt reports. Zoho SalesIQ reports are made to be easily compared against other sets of data to identify data trends. Make smarter business decisions by discovering who your top agents are, which departments are most active, how many unique visitors you had, and other key metrics. See the overall progress your agents have made. Monitor their average response time, number of multiple chats, and online vs idle hours.


Zoho SalesIQ Allows for Mobile Chat

Engaging prospects and customers doesn’t mean you have to be chained to your desk. Take live chat software with you and connect with them while waiting at the airport or while relaxing on your couch at home. Zoho SalesIQ supports Jabber/XMPP protocol, so you can connect from any mobile device that supports the standard.

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