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Zoho Subscriptions

Zoho Subscriptions is a recurring and subscription management app that assists in managing the lifecycle of your customers. From billing and charging to managing customer subscriptions, Zoho Subscriptions can help you keep your paying customers on a payment cycle they are comfortable with.


Recurring Billing with Zoho Subscriptions

Quickly and easily setup your preferred recurring billing schedule to automatically send professional looking invoices.

• If you have many returning customers or customers paying you monthly, you can even connect a customer’s credit card to their subscription to have that same card charged every time.

• Zoho Subscriptions is PCI compliant that means your customers will feel safer knowing their credit card info is protected.

• In the case that you have one­-time customers, you will have the option to do one-off billing where you can charge a customer one time without recurring billing.

What do you do if a customer’s payment doesn’t go through or they are late on paying an overdue invoice?

With Zoho Subscriptions you don’t have to do anything! With dunning management, the system will automatically send a message to the customer alerting them of payment failure or late invoices. Zoho’s dunning management system will send automated follow up emails to your customers to help you collect your late or failed payments.

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Subscription Management with Zoho Subscriptions

When creating different pricing plans for Zoho Subscriptions you will have the freedom to charge how you want because Zoho’s app is pretty flexible.

• You can create and manage unlimited pricing plans and can make quick changes to the them at any time.

• You can adjust the price one time for a special customer.

• If you want to offer additional products or add-ons with a customer already subscribed and they choose to add services to their current plan.

• Zoho Subscriptions will automatically adjust payments, update billings, and send email notifications to the customer.

With subscription management built in, Zoho users can manage subscription upgrades, downgrades, and one­time transactions. With automatic proration, you’ll never have to worry about refunding the difference or trying to collect on the upgrade as Zoho Subscriptions will do the math for you. If you have customers with multiple subscriptions and need to adjust their credits, you can do that all from the subscription management screen.

Want to offer special coupons and trials? You can!

Promote your business and offer special discounts, coupons, and free trials. Allow your customers to try your products via a trial or discounted rate and even extend trial periods for potential customers until they see the value.

Allow your customers to choose a preferred method of payment whether cash, check, or bank wire and Zoho will record it within Zoho Subscriptions. Give your customers the flexibility to choose how they want to pay you.


Zoho Subscriptions Integrates

If you want to provide a hassle free recurring payment option for your customers, then integrations with credit card platforms and payment gateways is crucial. With Zoho Subscriptions you can integrate to:

• PayPal Payflow Pro

• PayPal Payments Pro

• Forte

• Stripe


• World Pay

If you are already using Zoho Books (a separate business app for Zoho CRM) and want to keep everything tidy within Zoho Books, then simply integrate Zoho Subscriptions with Zoho Books. By doing so everything will be integrated at the data level and all your transactions in Zoho Subscriptions will be available in Zoho Books. View all your invoices, track customer payments, get refund details via credit notes, and capture customers contact information.


Zoho Subscription has Metrics

With the metrics provided within Zoho Subscriptions, you can get a quick overview of your signups, activations, active customers, churn rates, and more. View the numbers that mean the most to you and analyze fully interactive charts.

Run subscription specific reports on renewals, cancellations, activations, etc. by country among other variables in order to identify trends in your business. Zoho even offers a complete set of revenue based reports that can help clarify how much your business is earning over a period of time.

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