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Zoho Survey Vs Survey Monkey


Discover Zoho Survey vs. Survey Monkey: A Comparative Analysis

This concise comparison guide breaks down the basics from ease of publishing and editing surveys to programming, implementation, and reporting for Survey Monkey and Zoho Survey. Get the quick information need to see which might work best for you. Keep reading below to see how these two stack up against each other.


Ease of Publishing & Editing Surveys

Winner: Tie

Both user interfaces are very simple and intuitive with minimal button designs so that it’s a bit harder to make errors or get distracted.

Both survey editors guide you step by step through the creation of a survey and make publishing feasible within minutes.


Programming Logic & and Ease of Implementation

Winner: Tie

When comparing Zoho Survey vs Survey Monkey in the areas of programming logic and ease of implementation we have to call it a draw. Why? Because although the programming logic is more in ­depth with Survey Monkey, Zoho Survey has logic that does more than enough for most SMBs and is a bit easier to understand in result.

Furthermore, we found the ease of implementing a survey in Zoho Survey was much easier and a bit more intuitive than Survey Monkey. As a Zoho CRM user, you will find the interface more familiar.


Social Sharing & Data Collection

Winner: Zoho Survey

With both Zoho Survey and Survey Monkey you can reach out to get responses through weblinks and e­mails. However, with Zoho Survey you can also collect responses through social media. You can collect offline responses, too.

Additionally, Zoho Survey allows your customers to scan a QR code on print material with their mobile phones and be taken to the survey immediately.


Data & Reporting

Winner: Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey vs Survey Monkey, which one is better for analyzing your collected data?

In our opinion we think it’s close, especially because both have cross referencing tools, subset data previews, export data, and the ability to filter responses. The reason we gave Zoho Survey the edge here was because it has the ability to invite others on the team to view collected data while limiting their access to particular sets of data that are relevant to their position.


Automated Responses

Winner: Tie

Zoho Survey vs Survey Monkey, which has better automated response function?

In our opinion we think this one is also a close race. In Zoho Survey you are able to set triggers and automatically send emails to thank respondents for completing the survey, or even email your team with info about the survey, plus more.


Mobile Friendly Surveys

Winner: Tie

Zoho Survey vs Survey Monkey, which one comes out on top for mobile-friendliness?

We’re calling this another tie, but here’s what we love about Zoho Survey: it has both iOS and Android versions of the app, so you can keep on top of respondents in real time, if you wish. It’s also mobile optimized so those taking your survey on their mobile devices have a great user experience.


Unique Options

Winner: Zoho Survey

Zoho had some really unique and thoughtful features that we thought were note­worthy. Firstly, Zoho has a translator so that you can cater surveys to everyone in your demographic. Secondly, Zoho Survey allows you to generate unique QR codes to particular surveys so that you can print them on sales collateral or other printed items to further your survey reach.

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