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Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey: The Essential Tool for Customer Insights and Business Growth

Create an unlimited number of surveys to attain the the best feedback possible from your customers. Easily aggregate your customers’ opinions, analyze the data, and make great decisions.


Zoho Survey Easy Editor

With Zoho Survey’s easy editor, you can quickly and intuitively construct surveys without the help of survey programmers and simply plug in the content when ready. Choose from a wide selection of ready­-to­-use survey templates that fit your businesses’ survey needs or create a survey from scratch! Whether you decide to create a survey from scratch or implement a ready-to-­use template, customize the appearance of your survey to properly brand and design a survey that fits your brand’s look.


Zoho Survey Has Branching & Logic

With intuitive branching and logic, Zoho Survey makes it easy to guide respondents through a survey and offer different branches of questions dependent on how they answered previous questions. Zoho Survey’s software is even able to make surveys seem more personal and customized by allowing you to input contact names from your Zoho CRM right into the questions.

If you want to make your surveys more logical, you can even ask follow­up questions based on responses given in earlier stages of the survey. With logic you can ensure that your survey questions feel relevant and are presented to respondents in an order that makes the most sense. Want to know when a survey is completed or when a specific branching condition has been met? No problem – you can have email notifications setup to alert you when any of the above actions occur.


Collaboration With Zoho Survey

After receiving responses from your customer surveys, you can then share your survey results and collaborate with other team members. Give access to particular team members who need access to the data to do their job and make collective decisions as a team. You can maintain all surveys under the same license for each company and with a multiple user account you can even assign roles and permissions for your team and create a place for you all to collaborate.


Collecting Responses With Zoho Survey

With Zoho Survey have confidence that you can collect survey responses from anywhere at any time. Don’t have a Wi­Fi connection? No problem – collect responses even when offline using PC, tablet, or any mobile device and you can then later upload the responses once a connection is re­established. Surveys are only effective when they can be correctly interpreted, that’s why Zoho Survey has made their surveys available in multiple languages to help you receive accurate feedback from your global audience in the most effective manner possible. If you want to get social, you can even share and embed your surveys and reports on multiple social media platforms from one place. Share the link to your survey on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

You can connect Zoho Survey to many other apps in the Zoho ecosystem–by themselves, or as part of the Zoho One suite.


Advanced Reporting With Zoho Survey

Creating and aggregating survey results is just half the battle, if you want to be able to interpret the data you need reporting tools to optimize your business based off your responses. Take data from two questions and cross­tabulate to measure the interaction between two such variables. Use various cross­tab combinations to detect areas of significance between the selected data.

Dive deeper in your data analysis by creating filters. Within filters, you can view responses that are broken down to help you identify and analyze subsets of data. Customize reports and share them with other colleagues who might need the data to help you make a collective decision. If you need to share reports in other ways, know that with Zoho Survey you can download spreadsheets in CSV and PDF formats to then view them on Zoho Sheet. If you need, you can also export to Google Drive.

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