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Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault: Your Digital Security Solution

Zoho Vault serves as your digital fortress, effectively safeguarding sensitive information. This comprehensive and secure password management solution simplifies your online security. With Zoho Vault, you can securely store, share, and manage your passwords and other confidential data within a highly encrypted environment. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy access to your credentials whenever needed, while robust security features like two-factor authentication and strong encryption keep your data safe from prying eyes. Whether you’re an individual seeking to manage your personal passwords or part of a team responsible for safeguarding critical business information, Zoho Vault is your trusted partner in maintaining top-notch security without the hassle. Bid farewell to password-related concerns and embrace the peace of mind that Zoho Vault offers in your digital life.


Securely Store Sensitive Information

Part of the Zoho One ecosystem, Zoho Vault will help you securely store all of your passwords and organize them for quick access when needed. Easy to manage and as secure as can be with AES­256 encryption standards. Easily organize and store your passwords and other sensitive information under organized chambers such as ‘Finance,’ ‘Online Marketing,’ and ‘Accounting.’ Zoho Vault isn’t just for passwords, you can even store normal text­based entries.


Share Passwords With Zoho Vault

Safely share passwords with other member of your company. If multiple employees share commonly used passwords they can all have access to the same chambers that contain the securely stored passwords. If you need to modify privileges and restrict certain team members from accessing a particular chamber, you can! With Zoho Vault there are also options to share passwords without exposing them in plain­text in GUI. Have outside freelancers or consultants who need access to certain logins? No problem, sharing can be quickly and easily enabled or revoked in real­time with just one click.

Organize your sensitive information into chambers that you can share with individual users or a group of users. With one click, every member of your team with access to the same chambers will receive any new sensitive information such as important passwords that are added to the chamber. When you add a new team member to the according chambers they will then have instant access to all of the shared permissions already granted to that particular group.


Direct Login Using Zoho Vault

Stop manually entering passwords repeatedly into websites that you visit regularly. With Zoho Vault you can utilize the direct login feature to automatically launch direct connection to websites and applications without having to enter login credentials. When Zoho Vault uses your preset password info to log you in to a site directly it will be hide the password by default to offer protection against shoulder surfers and other working around you.

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