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Zoho Cliq – Keeping Your Team Connected

When it comes to team communication, waiting for an email response can be painstaking. Being able to communicate with your team is vital, especially when you are on a deadline. With Zoho’s new release you can leave these problems in the past. Zoho Cliq allows for colleagues to easily communicate and collaborate over chat. Cliq boasts robust integrations and extensive capabilities to help your team to optimize their communication and their productivity.

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Here’s How Zoho Cliq is Great For Keeping Your Team Connected!


Quick Chat Means No Need For Lengthy Emails

Instead of wasting time sending emails back and forth, get a quick response with a handy chat interface that lets your team exchange ideas much more quickly. Start individual chats with your colleagues or create group chats. Tired of long email threads clogging up your inbox? Create different channels for departments, projects, or just for fun. You can also send files through Zoho Cliq by simply dragging-and-dropping the file into the chat window. Keep your team connected and increase productivity by getting real-time responses.

It’s So Much More Than Just A Chat

Tired of clicking back and forth between chat windows? Well, Zoho Cliq solves that problem with multi-panel chat. Have multiple conversations open at once and avoid losing track of your chat conversations. Aside from chat, Cliq even allows for both audio and video calls, which means you can hold video conferences, share files, and chat all from one app! Cliq is also developer-friendly. Share code snippets in the chat window and get results on code performance inside the Cliq interface, no other apps needed.

Stay Up-To-Date With Integrations and Chat Notifications

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Zoho Cliq can be integrated with many of the applications that you use every day. Cliq automatically connects with Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, and other major Zoho apps, meaning you can receive chat notifications about your deals, projects, and social media campaigns right inside the app. Cliq also integrates with popular external apps such as Google Drive, Zendesk, and many others! You can easily share files from your drive, receive email campaign updates, and even receive support ticket notifications or feedback – all through Cliq!

Keep Your Chats Secure

When it comes to chat programs for your business, it is essential that the information shared remains secure – after all, you don’t want sensitive business information in the wrong hands. With Cliq offering unlimited file sharing and storage for you and your team, Zoho knows the importance of keeping your business data secure. Zoho has over 30 million cloud users and multiple applications. It takes extensive measures to make sure that your data remains secure. Zoho Cliq is a part of this secure network. Zoho’s unmatched data protection means that you don’t have to worry about your chat’s security!

zoho cliq mobileIt’s Mobile!

With all of its features and integrations, it would be a shame to limit your communication capabilities to just your desktop. But, no need to worry: Zoho Cliq is mobile! Enjoy access to your chats and notifications all from your phone, tablet, or other mobile devices. It’s important for you to stay connected with your team while on the go, so Zoho Cliq is here to make it happen! Zoho Cliq has a convenient free plan, and the paid plan starts at just $1 per user per month*.  *Pricing updated June 2021

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