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Zoho Creator Vs Microsoft Access

Choosing Between Zoho Creator & Microsoft Access

Choosing the right database management solution is paramount for businesses of all sizes. Two prominent contenders in this arena are Zoho Creator and Microsoft Access. These platforms offer distinct features and capabilities that cater to different needs, making the decision of selecting the right one a critical one. In this article, we’ll delve into a detailed comparison of Zoho Creator and Microsoft Access to help you navigate the complexities of database management software and make an informed choice that aligns with your organization’s unique requirements. Whether you seek user-friendly cloud-based accessibility or advanced desktop data analysis tools, this exploration will guide you toward the optimal solution for your business.



Winner: Zoho Creator

With Zoho CRM being a cloud­based CRM you might expect your application creator to also be cloud­based. When comparing Zoho Creator vs Microsoft Access the first thing we realized was that Microsoft Access is not cloud­based making access to your apps a bit more challenging. This means you would have to locally save projects you are working on and then have it on your computer in order to access it. Zoho Creator on the other hand is entirely clous­based ensuring that you can access anything you were working on anywhere, anytime.


Custom Portal

Winner: Zoho Creator

When comparing Zoho Creator vs Microsoft Access, we found that Zoho Creator is more customer friendly as it offers a customer portal. A custom portal is a great way for an organization to allow its customers to login into their dedicated internal system and access restricted data. Instead of building their own authentication and security mechanisms, users can use Zoho creator portals. By logging into their dedicated portal, users can access applications shared to them, submit data, and most importantly, view and edit only those records which they submitted. Microsoft unfortunately does not offer anything like this custom portal so Zoho Creator takes this one.


Credit Card Integration

Winner: Zoho Creator

If one of your apps you created needs to capture payment information in order to process a credit card payment you won’t be able to do it with Microsoft Access. Credit card integrations however are available for Zoho Creator. Apps created with Zoho Creator can redirect to platforms such as and PayPal to process payment information. With MIcrosoft Access you do not have the ability to accept payments through apps created through the software. Simply put, comparing Zoho Creator vs Microsoft Access, if your custom app needs to accept payments then we recommend Zoho Creator.


CRM Integration

Winner: Zoho Creator

This one is obvious, if you are currently a Zoho CRM user then it is best to use Zoho Creator if you are concerned about seamless integration. With Zoho Creator you can create apps for Zoho CRM and seamlessly integrate any of your newly created apps with your customer relationship manager.



Winner: Zoho Creator

When speaking of permissions with Zoho Creator vs Microsoft Access, Zoho Creator has much better permission capabilities when creating custom applications. Zoho Creator allow for field level permissions while Microsoft Access does not. With Microsoft Access you cannot control field level access unless you write code, but in creator, you can do this at the click of a button. The winner for this category is Zoho Creator. To see more exclusive features or to read more about Zoho Creator capabilities, click here.